Saturday, February 23, 2013

What I'm loving right now

I always enjoy when bloggers post about things they are using that they love.  When Robby was first born I really loved reading about baby/mommy things people enjoyed (or didn't enjoy - sometimes that's more helpful!).  Then after Charlie was born, I really enjoyed reading about workout tips, calorie counting apps, and over all fitness advice and things people were using to get healthy.  Now, I'm obsessed with beauty things - makeup, hair, clothes - I love it all!  So here are some products I've purchased recently that I love and think you will too!

Maybelline Highlighting Concealer
-This stuff is amazing!  After you apply your bronzer and blush, just swipe this under your eyes and along your nose (kind of make a triangle with one corner being almost to your tear duct, one corner being your nostril, and one corner being the outer corner of your eye) then blend.  It hides those horrible dark circles I have but it also brightens my face so I instantly look refreshed and alert.  Love this stuff!  The Nude shade is pretty much universally flattering.

Urban Decay Naked2 Palette
-I am absolutely obsessed with this eye shadow palette.  There are so many combinations of colors you can do to make different looks.  I love to create a smokey eye for the evenings or just a natural look for every day.  I had several gift cards that I used towards this purchase so I didn't have to pay the total out of pocket but I would definitely have paid it all.  It is well worth the money. I got it at the beginning of December and it looks like I haven't even touched it even though I have used it every single day since I used it.  As soon as I got it, I started scouring the internet for tutorials on different looks.  I have about 7 or 8 looks written down and I keep it in my makeup bag so I can follow the steps for looks I know will turn out great.  But sometimes I just make something up as I'm going.  I might have to do a post about the different looks I have.

Suddenly Skinny Tank Top
-Maybe it's just me, but ever since I had my boys, I wear a tank top under almost everything.  I just feel more pulled in and put together.  I think having the boys so close together, my skin might never be as taut as before.  Also, I didn't get any stretch marks anywhere on my body except for four above each of my hip bones.  So if I'm wearing a shirt, even if though it's long enough to cover everything, and I bend or reach for one of the boys and my shirt comes up on my side, I get really self conscious about them.  Anyway, I had been using just regular cotton tank tops from an outlet store but they were starting to fall apart.  I started the search for some new ones but I couldn't find any that I really liked.  They just didn't fit like my old ones that I loved.  I finally decided to look in the shapewear section at Target and that is where I found the Suddenly Skinny tank top.  It's not super restricting but it holds me in and just looks like a regular tank top.  It also doesn't roll up on the bottom, which is super nice.  The price is really good, too, since it's about what I would have paid for a nice regular tank top.  I will say, this does not make you look 10 pounds lighter and cause you to be 2 sizes smaller, it just smoothes things out a bit.

Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jeans
-It took me quite a while to jump on the skinny jean wagon but I finally did and I'm leading the caravan!  I love how they are so slimming (believe it or not!).  I have a few that are more fitted around the calves and ankles that I wear with boots and some that are a little looser and I wear those with flats or sandals.  I will say, each color fits differently because they have a different percentage of spandex in them, so you might want to make sure you try them on in a store before you get them.  But they are on sale for only $19 online right now if you know what size you would be!

And lastly, Maskcara Blog.  This girl is so fun and I love her hair and makeup tips and tutorials.  Her mommy makeup post changed my whole makeup world!  So simple and fast.  Who knew I could get away with not wearing any foundation at all yet still look great?!  She lists everything she uses and most of the things you can get at a drugstore or wm or target.  She is where I found out about the highlighting concealer and her explanation of how to apply it might make a lot more sense than mine did!

So tell me, what are some of your favorite products or blogs right now?  I love to try new things, especially when my friends have already tried and love them!

Also, if you're interested in someone else's favorite things, go on over to Whitney's blog and enter to win some of her favorite lotion!


Jennifer said...

When I found out we were having a boy, it hit me that it'd be fun to put more effort into my own girliness, not a lot of effort but just enough to feel feminine around my husband and son. I don't wear much makeup so when I started thinking this way I wanted really simple items that do a variety of nice things for me. So I splurged and bought my first BB Cream. I read reviews and chose for how it worked on people with similar skin types to me. I love it, if it's all I put on I feel like my complexion is clearer, brighter, and nicer than wearing nothing or than wearing a lot of coverup/foundation/etc. I also, and have for years, been a big fan of for lips or cheeks or both!

Tim and Randi Weigle said...

That's exactly how I feel with having two boys and a husband. I kind of want to kick up the girly! I have made an effort to get more frilly and patterned tops and have bumped up the makeup some more. I've thought about getting a good bb cream. I've heard good things about it. I just might have to splurge and get that one! Thanks!