Tuesday, August 31, 2010

19 Weeks

Now that things are progressing a little more (bump-wise, movement-wise, etc) I will start doing the pregnancy highlights each week instead of just the pictures.  I figured GrandLaLa and Grandma Gloria would appreciate that!!

Little Weiglet is the size of a mango again this week, just a bit of a bigger mango!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 19 weeks
Size of baby: 10 inches and 10 oz

Total Weight Gain: hmm, after my appointment today and seeing the scale, I don't think I'm going to be doing this one anymore!  :-)

Maternity Clothes: I'm able to still wear all my normal shirts (thank goodness I started buying loose, flow-y tops about 2 years ago!).  I have a couple pair of maternity jeans that are great!  Unfortunately, since I only have 2 pair (with another one in the mail on its way to me) and our washing machine is out of commission for another week or so, I'm still having to pour myself into my pre-pregnancy jeans with the belly band.  It's just not as comfortable as having the maternity ones on!

Gender: BOY!!!  Robert William!

Movement:  YES!  I felt him for the first time last Monday.  I wasn't sure if it was actually him or not because everyone had told me it would feel like little flutters, but this was more like gas bubbles, but without any pain.  It was odd!  But after a couple of days of feeling it, I realized it really was him!  This past Sunday night Tim was able to feel him kick (or punch).  It was great!

Sleep: I wake up pretty often throughout the night, but that's normal for me.  Thankfully, I'm able to take a nap during the day when I get tired.
Symptoms: Actually I had to ask Tim if I was having any pregnancy symptoms because I couldn't think of any.  Bless his heart he said "Just your occasional emotional outbursts"!  Haha!  Thankfully they don't come on very often and it's just crying (not anger or anything like that).  The problem is, once I start crying about something, whether it's legit or not, I can't stop.  Every little thing makes me cry more and more.  This probably happens once a week or so.
Food Cravings/Aversions:  I still crave the occasional taco bell!!  So bad, I know!!
What I am looking forward to:  Tim being able to feel Robby kick some more, my belly growing more so that I can look pregnant and not just fat!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Do you ever wish you could bottle your emotion at a particluar time so you could go back later and experience it over again?  Specifically, the times when you get all light headed and can't determine if this event is actually happening or if you are about to wake up from a dream?  I felt that way when Tim got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.  I felt that way when we drove off after our wedding and looked over to see my "husband" driving us into the great unknown.  I felt that way when I saw that second faint line while Tim was out of town.  I felt that way when we heard the heartbeat of this precious baby for the first time.  And I felt that way when the technician said, "Well, you're having a boy".  I love that feeling.  I'm sure I will have that feeling many more times in my life and it feels so new and surreal every single time.

I feel incredibly blessed that we are now able to plan more specifically and buy clothes for sweet little Robby.  I now have a picture of what I think our lives will be like in the next 6 or so months.  God is so good to us and He proves Himself over and over again.  He has chosen me, this ditzy, forgetful, loud girl to carry what I believe is the most prized possesion in the world.  He has chosen me, this emotional, insecure, scared woman to be a mother.  Me.  He chose me.  I'm in awe of what He is doing in my life right now and how it is absolutely changing everything I have thought and planned for us. 

And I love it!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boy, Oh Boy, We're having a...


We are completely and utterly shocked but couldn't be happier.  Neither one of us had any idea what baby Weiglet was, but right before we went into the appointment we both wrote down on napkins what our gut feeling was right that second as to what the baby was.  We held up the napkins and took a picture but didn't look at it.  As soon as the tech said it was a boy both of us revealed that we had written down "girl"!

Boy oh boy were we wrong!  Haha!
Some people say that knew from the beginning what their baby was, we definitely weren't like that.  It was kind of funny because the tech took all the measurements and was really great about pointing everything out and telling us when things looked good.  Then she asked us if we wanted to find out what it was, almost instantly after we told her yes, she said "Well, you're having a boy"!  I couldn't wipe the grin from my face!  I looked over at Tim and told him he was having a son.  I will never forget the look on his face!

We are so excited about little Robert William!  He was perfectly healthy.  Lungs, heart, kidneys, brain.

Everything looked great!  We are so thankful!

18 weeks

...and 3 days!
(Tim was clearly trying to get the most unflattering picture of me!  This was the best out of 5!!)

Baby Weiglet is the size of a mango!!  We find out this afternoon if Weiglet is a boy or a girl!  We will announce it to the blog and facebook world once we have told all of our family.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

17 weeks...

...and 4 days!
 Weiglet is the size of a sweet potato!
 Last night we celebrated Tim's 26th birthday.  We went to a steakhouse that I had never been to, but Tim had gone to for a CE dinner.  It was so good!  I should have taken pictures of our food but I kind of forgot, plus Tim might have made me go wait in the car if I would have pulled out my camera in the restaurant!  After dinner we came back for Tim to open presents.  He received some cards leading up to his birthday but I saved the packages that came for his actual birthday.
Annie gave her daddy a blue ball!
 He loved it!
 Books from his bro and sis-in-law
 Books from his mom and dad (he asked for books this year, if you can't tell!)

I gave him some shoes that he wanted but he had never tried them on before so he didn't realize how they would fit.  We made a quick trip to exchange them for a different pair after he opened them last night.
Tim has requested birthday pie the last couple of years instead of a cake.  I'm all for it because it means I don't have to decorate a cake (I'm not good at that at all!)

I just love birthdays!  Don't you?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Tim!

Today the most caring, loving, giving, and amazing husband turns 26!!  Here is a photo journey through his life (since we've been together, at least!):

Tim, thank you for picking me out and deciding to love me.  You have completed me in a way I didn't realize I needed.  You are such a great husband and are going to be the most incredible dad!  I love you!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's hot!

I called my dad yesterday to complain about the heat.  He laughed when I told him my plan to put my feet on ice packs when I got home.  But this is the reason why:
(Please excuse the need for a pedicure!!)  This is one of the reasons I'm thankful I'll be huge and pregnant in the winter instead of the summer!!  I wouldn't be able to walk right now if I was 8-9 months pregnant!

Hope you all are able to stay cool!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

7. Family
We both have such supportive and loving families (immediate and extended) and we could never express to all of them how thankful we are.  We love getting to go visit everyone and especially love when they come visit us!  It was very nice to move away after we got married so we could start our lives together just the 2 of us without constant input or "drop-ins" from family, but it would have been nicer to live closer to everyone than we have been.

8. Our Home
I'm not specifically talking about the house we live in, although I'm very grateful for it, but specifically for how we have made each of the 3 places we have lived in since moving to Amarillo a home.  When we lived in the apartment it was a little harder, but in both houses it has been nice to put our hearts into making them feel like home.  The main thing I have always wanted in our place of residence was for everyone who came over to feel welcome, comfortable and totally at home.  I am so blessed that it is now my full time job to make our house a home!

9. Pregnancy Timing
I have told Tim over and over again how thankful I am that I am not majorly pregnant during the hot summer months!  I definitely love winter and the cold weather so much more than the heat.  My hands and feet would already swell up so much in the summer, I'm just glad that I don't have to worry about it being all that worse because of the heat.  Now I know by the time I'm 9 months pregnant I'm going to be ready to get this baby out of me, but at least it won't be because it's 110 degrees outside and I can't walk because my feet are two volleyballs!!

2 Weeks!

Two weeks from today we get to find out if little Weiglet is an Abi or a Robby!!  I already told Tim I will probably want to go pick out an outfit once our appointment is over...

Monday, August 9, 2010

16 weeks

I took a couple of pictures this weekend for my 16 week picture. Little Weiglet is the size of a turnip, but our grocery store didn't have any turnips, so these pics will just have to do. But baby is about 5 inches long and weighs in at a whopping 5 oz!

(A little disclaimer: I've never eaten, used, or seen in real life a turnip, so it is very possible that our grocery store had some, but they weren't listed on the little overhead signs above all the vegetables, leading me to believe they didn't have them!)

This was Saturday. I thought I looked bigger in the mirror, but once Tim took the picture and I looked at it, I realized it just looks like I'm pushing out my stomach!

I'm wearing my first pair of maternity jeans in this picture. I told Tim I may never wear regular jeans again. Can we say comfortable?! Wow, was I impressed!!

This weekend we had some of our friends in town and they stayed with us. They live almost 2 hours away and had a wedding to go to in Dallas on Saturday. So they drove to our house Friday night, flew to Dallas on Saturday morning and flew back Sunday morning. They had some appointments today in town so they spent the night last night, too. It was fun to have friends stay with us. If I am remembering correctly, we have only ever hosted family, never friends. So it was really fun. (*hint hint* to any of our other friends that would want to come out and visit!!). They just recently moved out of Amarillo so they knew what is here (or, rather, what is not here!) so we just did things we would have done anyways. Went to Sam's, looked at cars, killed some time at Barnes and Noble and went and checked stuff out at Babies R Us. The fun thing is that they are pregnant, too! They are about 7 weeks or so behind us, so it's fun to have another couple to talk about these things. Actually I think she and I talked about babies and baby stuff, the boys just talked about work and other boy things! Haha! We decided that every time we get together, we are going to take belly pictures! I thought it would be fun to look back on them and see how we grew. Plus, it will be fun for our kids to know they were friends even when they were in the bellies!! We have another couple friend that all of us are friends with who are pregnant and both of the other girls are due about the same time. They live in Dallas, so I think we are going to have to make some trips out there so we can all get together! How fun would that be?!

Here is our picture from this weekend. Catie is 9 weeks and I'm 16 weeks.
(Another disclaimer: we had just eaten a large meal, so it's possible that those bumps aren't all baby, but maybe some chips and salsa, too!)

I hope you all had a great weekend!