Monday, February 18, 2013

A Trip to the Fire Station!

My Moms Club that I'm a part of had a little field trip to the fire station yesterday. Since a lot of the dads were off work several of them went, so Tim tagged along with us! Robby was do excited to see the fire trucks. He talked about them the entire 25 minute drive, then when we got there he was pretty shy about it all. I got some cute pictures though!

Daddy with his boys!

Pointing to the fire trucks as the doors were raising

There they are!

Fireman Charlie!

Fireman Robby!

Charlie really wanted to see what was in there. He would not let go of the window!

I love this picture!

This was precious because Tim squatted down in the grass and Robby immediately had up squat down, too! :-)

Trying out the fire hose! Really, Tim just wanted to try it out and used Robby as an excuse!

We had a fun morning! I'm glad Tim got to enjoy it with us!

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