Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Trip to Arkansas!

Towards the end of January, we went to Arkansas for my nephew Graham's third birthday party and my newest nephew Grayson's baby dedication!  It was the first time my entire family has been together since my cousin's wedding in July of 2011 - and we've added two new babies since then!  We had a blast!  Graham's birthday party was so fun with huge bounce houses and lots of fun kids playing!  Grayson's dedication was precious and I'm so glad we were there.  My brother and sister-in-law's church does the most amazing baby dedications.  They are always so personal and truly touching.
Packed full in Daddy's car!
 A stop at In N Out!  A favorite!

 Grayson snuggles!  

 Bouncy house fun!
 Charlie, Piper (my SIL's Sister's daughter) and Gray hanging out while the mamas decorate for the party!
 Our little construction worker!
 Even though there were lots of other exciting things going on, Robby sat there and played with the trucks in dried beans, peas, and popcorn kernels almost the entire time!
 Pa did an awful lot of this all weekend!
 All the Biles and Grahams!
 Robby and sweet little Piper
 Happy birthday, Graham!
 Robby might not have wanted a cupcake, but Charlie sure did enjoy it!
 And Pa gave him his first taste of ice cream (Bad bad, Pa!)

 The party was over and Robby was still doing this!
 We made a quick Target trip with FOUR boys in one cart!
Charlie and Piper (I really don't care which of my boys marries her, as long as one of them does!!)
 Passing time before church started.  My sweet little Graham cracker!!

 Precious family!
 Pa was quite popular at lunch!
 The whole crew!
 Until next time...

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Natalie said...

You have some really great pics! Such a fun time! SO glad you guys were here for a fun-filled weekend. Graham is still talking about it. ;-)