Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One of those days...

Yesterday was quite a day!  I knew it was going to busy as soon as I got up so I made sure to get up a little earlier and ready to hit the ground running!  I got up, got ready and went to get the boys up and ready so we could run a quick errand then come back to the house and get something done.  Well, I was met with quite the odor when I opened their door.  Both had major blowouts - all the way up their backs.  A little background, both boys had fevers on Saturday and they just weren't themselves all weekend.

We spent the whole time snuggling and watching Cars, Toy Story, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

It was kind of nice to stay in my yoga pants for two days and get lots of snuggles and kisses from my boys!

Anyway, I guess I wasn't too surprised to walk into what I did Monday morning, but still, I could tell it was going to make our morning a little more chaotic than I had planned.  I got both of the boys out of their jammies, cleaned up enough to put them in the tub, washed and dressed them and stripped their beds to get everything washing while we ran to Target real quickly.  I needed to make valentines for a Valentine's Day party we were going to that morning but I had run out of ink in my printer Sunday.  So I gave them each some milk and a waffle and we were off.  I got what I needed and we came back home, I got the cards printed out, grabbed the supplies I needed then got back into the car.  I decided it would be easier to just start on the way to the park where the party was going to be than let them play for a while then try to wrangle them back in the car to get out again.  I swung by Sonic to get my diet coke and cut out the cards, attached suckers, and signed Robby's name to them while I sat there.  I thought they turned out pretty cute!
(I got the download for these from here)

Well, that was about the time I decided to look up where this park was that we needed to be for the party.  See, the party started at 10 and we had to be on base at 10:30 for a meeting at the passport office to get mine and the boys' special passports for the move taken care of.  I knew it was going to be cutting it close but thought we could do it.  Unfortunately, I realized that the park was too far away to be able to actually go to the park and get out of the car before we had to leave to go to base.  I was a quite bummed because our morning would have been a little calmer had I looked up where the park was ahead of time.  But it's probably best anyway, we went on to base and that's when a certain littlest boy had another blowout.  Thankfully, I keep an extra set of clothes in the car so I was able to change him before we needed to go into the meeting.  It didn't take too long once we were there and then we headed back home.  We had a little bit more of a rough morning and afternoon but Tim fixed it all by coming home with some of my favorite Mexican food!

It's days like yesterday that make me wish Tim could be independently wealthy and not have to work so he can just be at home with me all the time!!  I could have used an extra set of hands all day!

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