Saturday, August 4, 2007


Here are some pictures from our trip so far. We are still in Arkansas for one more evening, then heading to Dallas after church tomorrow. I had a bridal shower for one of my friends from high school last night and today was my 5 year high school reunion! We have had a great time so far - more excitement to come!

No better way to start a trip than with a good bath!
Wanting to see what Daddy sees!

Friends from high school at the bridal shower!
It was so wonderful to see everyone who was at the reunion and find out what they are doing with their lives now!
We will be heading out of town tomorrow after church, I will be sure to post while we are on the next leg of our trip!

Monday, July 30, 2007

What a week!

Boy, has this week been a doozy! Tim and I are playing softball for our church, so last Sunday was the first set of games. We had two games and nice red faces at the end! Throughout this week, I have been finding little puppy teeth throughout the house. Annie was almost completely toothless on the bottom part of her mouth one day, but then by the next she had two big girl teeth growing into the front section! I think she is probably losing them faster because Leo plays a little rough when they play tug-of-war!

Thursday night I lost my contact down the drain while I was cleaning it. I have had these contacts for over 11 years and this is the first time I have ever done that. It has always been a fear of mine, but it has never happened. The problem is that our drain doesn't close, so I just have to be sure to hold onto them well enough, but I didn't this time! And, they are hard contacts, so they will be quite expensive to replace. Thankfully, I was able to get an appointment with my lifelong eye doctor for the one weekday we will be in Little Rock and they should be able to have a set made for me by that afternoon!

On Monday, I noticed that I had a spot on my left pointer finger that was red and swollen, close to my cuticle. I just assumed I had a hangnail and it was healing. Then, by Wednesday, it was very swollen and sensitive to touch. By Saturday night, it was so swollen and hurt so much that I could not even write or use my finger for anything. We decided that we would go to the critical care center Sunday morning to have the doctor check on it. We went and he had to slice it open and "relieve" it. Thankfully, the deadening medicine worked very well and I felt no pain or pressure. I just looked away and let Tim watch! He gave me an antibiotic, but by mid-afternoon yesterday I was in quite a bit of pain, so Tim called and the doctor called in some Vicodin for me. Needless to say, I went to bed at 6 last night and did not wake up until after 8 this morning! I am very sensitive to medicine like that! I am in a little pain this morning, but not as much as yesterday. I'm just glad it's over!

Tim has been working hard, as usual. He's trying to get as many hours in the next three days as he can since we are leaving on Thursday to be gone for 10 days! Other than that, his men's league softball team had their first game this week. They won one and lost one. I think he enjoys getting out there and having some sort of male competition, as opposed to the co-ed league we play in for church!

I guess that is all for now! I need to get some things picked up around here since I didn't really do anything's hard when you can't use all of your fingers!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Interesting Day...

Boy, what a day! Tim got off to work, a little late as usual, and I picked up the house and got things ready to run some errands. I had my long list and headed to Wal-mart around 1:00. After my trip to

Monday, July 16, 2007


Here are some pictures, like I promised!

Our new home! It's prettier now, because the tree and the flowers have bloomed and the grass is green!

They love each other!

You can't really tell, but he is completely asleep like this - paw on the recliner and all!

She found the perfect ray of sunshine for a nap!

4th of July

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Blog!

I have realized that so much goes on in our daily life that I am used to sharing with our families and friends, but since we don't live close to anyone anymore, I forget to pass on any of that information. So, in order to keep everyone updated on what is going on and to share pictures of our growing puppies, here is our site!

Some of you might be wondering what is the meaning behind our page name, Weigle, Inc. Most of you know that I quit my job at the beginning of April in order to stay home and, possibly, go back to school to get my master's degree in counseling. I told Tim after the first week of being home that I was busier than I ever was at work. It seems like there is always something to clean, organize, or rearrange! Tim teases me that I am the home manager of our home business, Weigle, Inc. He, of course, is the CEO!

Now, an update on our life. There have been quite a few changes in the past month and a half. We moved out of our wonderful apartment into a house that we are now renting. Our apartment was very nice, and if it wasn't for our crazy neighbor or my burning desire for a couple of dogs, we probably would have stayed there our entire time here in Amarillo. We are now completely settled and absolutely love it. We are so happy, and I am much less lonely while Tim is at work since our two puppies keep me quite busy! Speaking of puppies, that is another change we have encountered. Several weeks before we moved into our house, some friends of ours knew of some people who were giving away rottweiler mix puppies. We weren't completely sold on getting one, since we already had a dachshund puppy lined up to get after we moved, but we went to look at them anyways. Some of you have not had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with my husband, but he might seem like a man's man on the surface, but deep inside he is such a softy! He started playing with the little boy puppy and he was smitten! Thus is the beginning of our family! Our friends kept Leo at their house while we were still in our apartment. The weekend after we moved into our house, we went to Arkansas to pick up precious little Annie, who my mom and aunt had gone and gotten for me. Now, picture a petite, 3 pound dachshund puppy and a lanky, 20 pound rottweiler/labrador/catahoula puppy meeting each other for the first time! It was quite interesting. It has been so fun to watch them growing up together. They go out in the back yard and explore together. They wrestle on the floor and run around the house with each other. Both of them are so sweet and funny in their own ways. A day has not gone by that we have not laughed at something that our clumsy Leo has done or swooned over a sweet face our little girl has made. We are pathetic parents!!

Tim is working full time this summer as an intern pharmacist and is really enjoying the added responsibility. He is now allowed to counsel customers and take new prescriptions and transfers from other pharmacies. The CVS where he works is not as busy as the others in town, so it is fairly calm throughout the day and the pharmacists he works for are pretty laid back. We are both enjoying him being off on the weekends, since he works, pretty much, every Saturday during the school year. I got Tim a grill for our anniversary, so since then, we have grilled almost every meal. He is very good at coming up with various creations and surprising me with them. He is also becoming quite the handyman around the house. Our house is kind of old, so it seems like every time we turn around, there is something that needs to be repaired. Tim has learned that with some caulk, a drill, and a staple gun, anything is possible!

We will be taking a trip at the beginning of August to Little Rock to see my brother and sister-in-law and for my 5 year high school reunion, then heading down to Dallas, La Feria, and San Antonio to visit Tim's family. I am very much looking forward to seeing old friends with which I have lost touch.

For right now, that is all. I will do my best to keep this updated, so no one is left out on what is going on, but not so much that it is boring!

We love you all!