Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: A Wooden Horse from Uncle Dusty

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

18 months!

My sweet little man, you are a year and a half old!!!  How did that happen??

You are so smart (or at least, we think you are!).  You love your puzzles and are a whiz at putting them together.  Blocks are another of your favorite toys.  You like to stack the single blocks together, double blocks together, and so on.  I have no idea where you get your particularity from!!  :-)  You like to figure out how things go together and keep me on my toes with what you reach and get off of countertops and tables!

You are finally getting more cuddly.  When you wake up in the morning or from naps, you want me to hold you for a little while, give me kisses, and love on me.  Anytime I'm on the floor, you like to back up and sit in my lap.  It always puts a smile on my face when you do that!  You adore your little brother.  He is your "bebe" and you always want to know where he is.  If he's sleeping, you knock on the door and call out for him.  You get down on the blanket on the floor and play with him.  If he's in his exersaucer, you are right there with him playing with all the gadgets.  You give him kisses all the time.  It is seriously the most precious thing I've seen.  I can't get enough of them, let me tell ya!

This past month has been the month of teeth for you!  You have cut every tooth except for your 2 year molars.  Your smile looks so different now!  Thankfully, you are a great teether and the only symptom we see are more poopy diapers and rash.  But you don't get overly fussy or lose sleep.  We are very thankful for that!

You are saying so many words!  We just went to visit the Hawvers and you started saying "Gus".  Gus calls his daddy "da" and by the second day, you were calling Josh "da" also!  You have said "Charlie" several times.  We are constantly surprised by what words come out of your mouth.  When you are hungry, you go to the pantry door, knock on it, and say "nack?".  When you want something else you say "more".  We are working on getting you to say "please" since you are very good about saying "tank you".  You know several animals and animal sounds.  I was surprised when you suddenly started saying them last week.  It was like you listened forever to what I was saying and decided you all of the sudden wanted to say them!  You can say "LaLa" (my mom) and "Pa" (my dad).  You LOVE your shoes and talk about them all the time.  We got you some new shoes last week and one morning, they were on your changing table, so when you woke up, you just kept saying "shoes, shoes, shoes" until I put them on you!  And you go to the door when you are ready to leave and say "go"!  You call diapers "di" and can say "wipes".  You also try to say "hungry", "oranges", and "water".  When a song you like comes on, you sing by saying "da da da" over and over again.  It's pretty cute!

You are my sweet, curious, loving, cute big boy!  I'm so thankful that I'm your mommy and you're growing so big and strong!

I love you, sweet little man!

Friday, July 13, 2012

A little change-up!

When we went to Muleshoe last week, the boys and I slept in the same room.  I was amazed at how well they did sleeping like that.  Charlie slept right through Robby's nightly screaming as soon as we put him to bed and Robby slept right through Charlie waking up at 5am to eat.  So, that got me thinking.  We knew we wanted the boys to share a room later on down the road, but what if we went ahead and put them together now?  While Tim was at work, I moved Charlie's crib into Robby's room and rearranged the furniture to make everything fit.  (On a side note: Don't remove the door from the hinges unless you are sure you need to do so.) (On another side note: If you do remove the door from the hinges, apparently there is a bolt on each hinge that can just be popped out.  So, don't completely unscrew the hinge from the door itself...not that I would know or anything!).  Today, I worked on getting all of the wall decor rehung.  I decided to change Robby's name on his wall from "Robert" to "Robby", so I need to find my paint and take care of the b and y.  And I have a couple of empty frames because we are hoping to get some professional pictures of Charlie done and those pictures will go in the frames.  I'm excited about the change!  Now, when we have guests, Charlie doesn't have to be displaced and I have ended up getting a little office work space for bill paying, meal planning, etc.

 There is absolutely nothing on the walls of the guest room now, but we will change that soon enough!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Four month stats

Today was Charlie's 4 month appointment. He is perfectly healthy and the doctor was impressed by his leg and neck strength. She was also surprised by how calm and content he was when she was examining him. He just laid there and let her check everything out. He would give her smiles and coos throughout the whole thing! Charlie is 13 lbs 12 oz (25%), 25.5 in (75%), and has a head circumference of 16.75 in (50%).

Robby was a little concerned about what they were doing to his brother!

Charlie also had his 4 month vaccinations. He barely cried then snuggled up to me and went to sleep! We got home, he and Robby played then after Robby went down for his nap, Charlie and I snuggled some more. Precious boy!

We are so blessed and extremely thankful to have two healthy, growing boys!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A little photo shoot!

Catie and I have been looking forward to getting some pictures together and of the boys together since I planned my trip. This morning before church we got the boys all dressed up and took some pictures!

Josh and the boys

My boys

Sweet big boy!

The Hawvers!

No one was looking, but I still love it!

Us and our boys!

My boys and me!

Me, Catie, and Little Miss!

We have had a blast here these last few days. It's been fun for Catie and me to just do everyday stuff together. Had we not moved away, this would kind of be the norm. I can't think about it very much or I get sad! I'm blessed to have a great friend to walk this path of motherhood with, even if we are several hundred miles apart as we do it!

Time with Aunt Catie!

While the big boys were napping, Aunt Catie and Charlie had some fun time together!

Fun in the sun!

Gus and Robby had some fun playing outside yesterday. They played with sidewalk chalk, sticks, and yard tools, rode in the wagon, and got their pictures taken! It was a blast!

Time for the splash pad!

After all that fun outside, they were in need of a bath!

After bath, they wound down with a book.

Robby has started calling Josh "da" because that's what Gus says. I was worried he was getting "da" confused with "daddy" but when I talked to Tim later he called him "daddy". So I just think he thinks Josh's name is "da"! Haha!