Monday, February 11, 2013

A little getaway for an exhausted mama!

A while back, my best friend Mandy and I talked about the possibility of me going with her and her mom to her family's house in Sanibel, Florida.  I didn't actually think it would possibly work out.  How could I leave the boys for 4 days?  How would Tim handle it all?  What kind of mother and wife would I be if I did that?  Well, two weeks ago, everything actually worked out and Tim's mom was able to stay while I was gone and help Tim out with everything.  He did an amazing job!!  And I had an incredibly relaxing time!  The island is absolutely beautiful and very slow-paced, so it was perfect for making me not do anything!  I actually didn't take a ton of pictures but I enjoyed just lounging, chatting, and eating.  It was just what I needed.  I came home (and other than having to have a colonoscopy the day after I got back) and felt calmer and happier in my mothering.  I have been finding myself much more patient with the boys and a little more laid back with how I do things.  Enjoy these pictures and try not to be too jealous!  ;-)

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Catie said...

I had wanted to see some pictures from your trip! I know you enjoyed it, it looks like fun!