Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My little roly poly!

As of 4 days ago, we have a consistent roller. Yesterday, he started adding rolling from tummy to back, also! I haven't gotten that part on video yet. This milestone has caused it to sink in more that this is the last time we will be experiencing this. He's growing so quickly!

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Wordless Wednesday: Napping on the go!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ticklish boy!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

My little mini me!

Target popcorn and a Sonic drink!  I mean, what else could a person want?  We're set!

A visit from Spain!

Last Monday, my uncle (my dad's youngest brother) came for a visit.  He lives in Spain and hasn't been back to the states in several years so he wanted to come back and meet all of his great-nephews.  He had already been able to spend time with the others, so our boys were the lasts for him to meet.  He got here Monday evening and Robby immediately took a liking to him!  On Tuesday, we went on base so Tim could show Ralph where he worked and so we could get him some things from the BX.  He is retired AF, so whenever he comes to the states he likes to stock up on things he can't get easily over in Spain.  After naptime, we drove to the fancy grocery store downtown (we're easily entertained!) then to eat at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants around here, Mamacita's.  On Wednesday, Tim had to give a lecture at Ft. Sam, but he stopped by the house afterwards for a little while then headed up to work.  That afternoon and evening, we just relaxed while Robby played.  After the boys went to bed we just had time to visit.  Thursday morning, Ralph left and Robby had a bit of a hard time.  He always hates to see people go!  My little social butterfly!

Here are some pictures from our fun times together!

 He brought a shirt and soccer ball for the Spanish soccer team!

 Robby enjoyed playing blocks with him!
 With both boys! (Note that everyone is looking at the camera...or at least almost looking!)

 Showing him how the laptop works!

Something my uncle would always do that entertained all of us, was hamboning.  He started doing it and Robby had to try, too!

Sweet brother moments!

Here are some pictures and a video from the past few days of the boys together.  Robby still ADORES Charlie.  He loves to give him his paci and give him lots of kisses.  Robby is also quick to point out Charlie's "beyey" (belly).  Lately, he's also been sweet to point at Charlie's eyes (and by "point at" I mean that he pokes Charlie in the eyes!).  Sharing blocks and other toys with his little brother is another fun thing that Robby likes to do.

Forgive the loud tv at the beginning of the video!  

Well, we have a finger sucker!

Charlie has always been interested in his hands, but the past couple of days he has been even more interested in them.  So much so, he has started sucking on his fingers.  It's hilarious to hear the loud sucking sounds from wherever he is and see him with half of his fingers in his mouth!  Robby wasn't ever a thumb or finger sucker, so this is new to us.  New, but super cute, that's for sure!

Fun at the children's museum

This morning, we went with my Mom's Club to the children's museum in New Braunfels.  We had never been, but everyone had great things to say about it, so I was excited to see how Robby reacted.  He LOVED it!  I just let him roam and play with everything he wanted.  The only issue we had was when he would move along to the next place and he wanted to take everything with him (like going from the kitchen/cooking area to the grocery store area).  A lot of my pictures are blurry because he was moving around so quickly, plus they were taken with my phone inside and it was kind of dark.

Here are some pictures that another mom captured: