Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our Big 2 Year Old!

Robby turned two on January 14 but we celebrated with a party on the 12th.  We just had our families over, like last year.  It was a fun time!  I loved how much more interactive he was this year compared to last year. We had a truck theme since he loves all kinds of trucks: dump trucks, mixers, "bullzoders".  They're all big hits around here!  Here are some pictures from our fun day!
These streamers took forever and would not stick!  My mom and I spent a while trying to get them just right.  I love how they look but we won't be doing this again any time soon!

Token getting ready picture!
 He loved being able to play with is decorations!  Huge thanks to my friend Kelly for letting us borrow all the trucks!

 The menu for the party was all of Robby's favorite things: Chicken nuggets, pretzels, and lemonade (I threw in the carrots to make me feel like I was being a good mother!)
 Us with the birthday boy!
I wasn't super happy with how my 2 turned out for the front door but I went with it.  Sometimes Pinterest ideas don't really turn out that well...
My little ham!
He enjoyed opening all of his cards and presents!

Sweet brothers!
What a good daddy, putting together Robby's new grill!
We got Robby a tool bench.  He was so excited about the toolbox!

Then it was time for some dirt cupcakes!
And daddy decided to prove his manhood by eating his cupcake in one bite.
I had no idea I married such a manly man! :-)
It was a wonderful day celebrating our precious boy who made us parents for the first time!  He is such a joy!

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Catie said...

Your decorations were soooo cute! Great job