Friday, February 8, 2013

Well, isn't that Pinterest-ing?

See what I did there?  :-)

I love Pinterest.  I love the ideas I get from there and some of the quotes people pin are funny.  Unfortunately, for a while I was just repinning everything without really looking at the source or even making sure the link actually worked!  I'm trying to be better now.  Here are a few of the Pinterest projects I've done this week:
I really like the idea of writing each other little love notes. I always put them in Tim's dresser drawers, folded in his clothes or hidden in different parts of the bathroom whenever I am gone on a trip.  This Christmas we had a tree in our room and I did "12 Days of Love Notes" and hung a new one for him each day.  So when I saw this idea floating around, I of course had to do it.  It's kind of hard to see but it says "I love you because...".  It's behind the glass in the frame so we alternate writing reasons each day for why we love the other one.  It's been a fun little thing to do!

I absolutely love candles.  I burn them all the time, along with my scentsy warmer!  I found out how to clean them out and I am finding fun ways to use them around the house!  I have a smaller one inside a larger one in the guest bathroom for cotton balls and q-tips.  In the master bathroom I have one holding my makeup brushes.  I need to put more rocks in there so they will stand a little taller, but I like having them right there when I need them.
Since the fall, each month I've been printing out a different subway print and putting it in a frame in our living room.  This is the one I have out right now.  I love love, don't you?!  
This week, my Moms Club got together and we did a handprint craft.  The idea was to use their hand and arm to make the trunk and limbs then use their fingerprints to make hearts as the leaves.  Well, there was no way I was going to be able to manipulate the boys' fingers to make the hearts so I just decided to do their fingerprints as leaves and coordinated it with their colors for their room.  Nevermind the childish writing on the bottom...I'm still bitter at how bad my handwriting is!  

Now, if you are a grandparent to one of my children, stop reading now.  You will be getting this in the mail next week, so don't look.

I'm serious.  Stop looking.  Now.  It's for your own good.

I can't find where I got this print out now, but this is the idea.  And I must say, while hand and footprint crafts are absolutely adorable, they are so frustrating to do!!  My boys curl their toes and Charlie likes to grab my hand with his painted hand.  It's just a crazy mess!  But I think they are pretty cute, even though you can't quite tell they are supposed to be hearts! 


Catie said...

I have been wanting to do the candle project for months, I just haven't got around to it! What would we do without Pinterest?

Amanda Adams said...

This post made me laugh! "See what I did there?" Haha. I cook recipes from Pinterest constantly but I haven't done many of the home projects yet. One thing on my to-do list is to copy all the recipes into my recipe book so I don't lose my favorites if someone's blog shuts down or a website ceases to exist!