Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

From our family!

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's been a little while!

I realized today that people are beginning to receive our Christmas cards in the mail and some might be checking out our website...and I haven't updated it in several weeks! Here are some things going on with us.

Tim has completed this semester, and passed everything! So he is a 2nd semester P3. We officially have only a year and half left. In January, he starts a six week rotation, then has six weeks off, then another six week rotation, THEN he starts rotations full time (9-5, M-F) from May 09-May 10. It was so wonderful to just spend time together this weekend without the stress of him having to study or work on school work. We watched movies Friday and Saturday night. On Saturday, we just got out and drove around in some of the fun neighborhoods around here and went to several stores just to be around the hustle and bustle of the weekend before Christmas! Then last night, we got together with some of our friends from Church and my Bible study. The husbands played video games and the wives played Chicken Foot. It was so fun!

This week, I only have to work two days (Praise the Lord!). The doctor I work for always goes to Thailand for 3 weeks in December/January to visit his family and it is so nice that it falls right at Christmas and New Year's. So, we don't have any patients to see, just phones to answer! Tim is working several days this week at the CVS. On Wednesday, I plan to get out (because I'm crazy like that) and go to grocery store to get everything for our Christmas dinner and I might even decide to go to Target, just to walk around and enjoy that wonderful Target smell (by that, I mean the smell of the Target popcorn I will be carrying around!). After Tim gets off work, we will go to our church's Christmas Eve service. I am looking forward to that.

Next week, I just work Monday and Tuesday, also. So, after I get off work on Tuesday, we are headed to NWA to see my family. My parents have surprised us with a trip to Branson for us and my brother and sister-in-law. We will head up there Wednesday afternoon and come back Friday evening. We are looking forward to shopping and relaxing. I consider anytime I get to stay in a hotel room a vacation...I'm pretty sure I get that from my mom! We will head back home on Saturday, then normal life starts back again. I'm already thinking of when the soonest I could take a vacation in January bad is that?!

I will try to post again before Christmas, but if I don't, Tim and I wish a very merry Christmas to you and your families. We pray you remember the true reason for the season, as we celebrate the birth of our glorious Savior! Enjoy a time of reflection on that very first Christmas.

Monday, December 8, 2008

'Tis the season for Christmas parties!

We had our Sunday School class Christmas party this past Saturday night. We are truly blessed that we found our church. It took us almost two years to find it, but it is everything we prayed for. I have really connected with the ladies in our class and Tim definitely has a lot in common with the guys. We also love the praise and worship. This was our first Sunday School class Christmas party to go to together and it was great!
We took pictures in front of the fireplace at the house where the party was held.

The guys, fellowshippin'!

All the wonderful food!

Wednesday I have my office Christmas party, Friday we have our CPFI Christmas party, Saturday I have a Christmas Tea with the SS ladies, and at some point we have the CVS Christmas party...have I mentioned that I LOVE Christmas?!

Oh and we are totally supposed to get snow tonight! This will be the first snow this winter, which is really odd here. If I wake up and there is no white stuff on the ground, I am going to be disappointed!


I know it is a week late, but here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving weekend. I didn't end up taking that many, but I will share with you the ones I do have! We went to Dallas to be with Tim's family and we had a great time. Our niece and nephew are getting so big and we love spending time with them. However, it did reinforce our feelings about not having kids for a very long time! Darlene, my sister-in-law, did a great job with the meal! And, as always, we loved the leftovers!!

Us with Ethan

Lizzie with her Uncle Tim

We had just found out the turkey was done!