Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank you, Munchkin!

A few months ago when I was in Arkansas visiting my parents, my mom and I visited one of our favorite little shops in NWA.  My mom frequents this shop A LOT and knows all the girls who work there (plus most of them have their children in the school where my mom works).  So we were talking about the baby and a lady who was shopping came up to me and told me it was lucky day.  I was kind of taken aback because I had no idea what she meant.  She went on to tell me she worked for Munchkin and always loved to make gift baskets for her friends when they would have babies but she hasn't been able to recently because everyone is done having babies!  She asked me to write down my name and address and she would send me something.  I thanked her and was really excited when we left.  Then as the weeks passed by and nothing came I decided she had just forgotten about our meeting and moved on.

A little over a month after, I received this package:

I didn't realize what it was until I saw the return address.  I was shocked by the size of the box.  When she told me she was going to send something I thought it would be a little package and maybe some coupons or something.  I definitely didn't expect all of this:

There is a lot we can use as soon as Robby is born and some that he won't use until he's 6+ months old, but it's great to already have it!

This was Tim's favorite item:

You can put the correct amount of liquid medication in it and the baby ingests it as they suck the pacifier! How cool is that?  There were lots of little handy items in the basket that I had never seen in any stores so I'm super excited to try them out.

After I went through everything and emptied the basket, I put all of Robby's blankets in it so they are easy to grab when we need them.

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