Friday, November 5, 2010

Hair Fiasco Update

First of all, thank you all for your kind words in response to my hair trauma.  I agree that the hair color isn't bad, I just don't like it on myself.  I wish that I would have just left well enough alone and maybe just gotten my roots touched up instead of going for such a drastic change.

Thanks to some wonderful friends who provided me with advice via facebook and a few google searches, the color is beginning to lighten ever so slightly.  Unfortunately, it's mainly lightening underneath, so the top is still pretty much the same.  I kind of look like a big mess, to be honest with you!  I'm planning on going back to the girl next week and getting some highlights throughout to just break up the color and give it an overall lighter look.  I just find it funny that the color I described to her was "light brown" and I left the salon with practically black hair.  I'm not sure where the miscommunication occurred, but clearly it did occur!  Thanks to Sarah and her mother-in-law's advice I am going to be able to go in and give her an exact description of what I want in order to get the color as fixed as possible.  

On a different note, we have discovered we have a mouse.  Yes, a mouse.  He is quite the hungry creature and works very quickly as he already got into some items we have only had for a couple of days.  I've cleaned out the cabinet where we keep most of our food and there were no signs of the little critter so he's only interested in the bowl we keep on the counter top with our "grab and go" foods as well as our chips.  I'm pretty sure he ran across the dining room/office today because Leo suddenly ran into the room and was looking under Tim's desk and around the filing cabinet quite frantically.  Needless to say, our project this weekend is going to include some mouse traps, plastic containers, and hopefully a very dead mouse.  Any recommendations on the best type of trap to get this little guy?

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