Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh my!

It just clicked with me that we have something major occurring every month for the next 5 months!
November - Thanksgiving with Ryan, Natalie, and Graham
December - Christmas with Bill, Gloria, and Kathy
January - Robby will be here!
February - I turn 27 - Eeeeek!!  Actually that's not going to be that big of an event, but getting used to a baby sure will be!
March - Tim leaves for officer training
April - Tim returns from officer training and move down to San Antonio

Life's going to be a little crazy, to say the least!!

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Gloria said...

Wow, All of that while pregnant and then with a new baby, will definitely be challenging. But I know you will handle it well if you take it slow and remember to rest.
Please, please, don't over do on our account for Christmas. I would rather you not worry about everything being perfect and take care of yourself!!!! We are there for you sweet company and nothing else.