Thursday, November 4, 2010

I won't be leaving the house today...

I do things on a whim.  I think that I think things through completely but I really don't.  Let me explain:

Since we aren't going to AR for Thanksgiving and I won't be going back until after Robby is born, I can't go to my normal hair girl.  By the time I could get to her I would have 3 inch roots showing and they probably wouldn't let my baby go home with me from the hospital due to my extreme homely look.  Since my roots were already showing pretty good, I decided I would go to a salon that was listed as the best in Amarillo (seriously, why do I even take that as meaning anything?  Every time we go by that our experience ends up being horrible!).  Anyways, I told the girl I just wanted to go back to my natural color and I even took her a picture to show her.  I left the salon with almost black hair.  No joke.  I look like a witch.  I managed to not cry about it until Tim got home and his mouth dropped as he looked at me.  In his defense, I didn't tell him I was going that day to get it done, so it was a complete shock.  It looks more brown in the natural sunlight, but in the house with the curtains closed, it's almost black.  Not a good look for me.  I'm currently researching home remedies for lightening semi-permanent hair color.  If you have any tips please pass them along!
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go put newspaper over all the mirrors in our house so I don't scream when I catch a glimpse of my reflection.


Silvy said...

i don't think it looks that bad. after a few washes it will surely lighten a little. but seriously, i like it!

Kristal said...

I think it looks good!!

Gloria said...

I agree with the other ladies. I don't think it looks bad. Different; yes, bad; no. I think it will just take getting used to because it's such a dramatic change.
And it will probably lighten a bit with washing.
You are just adorable no matter what!
And that is not just flattery!!

AliciaG said...

Oh my, Randi! Don't you hate it when the hairdresser doesn't understand what you mean? I am sure it will lighten up some, but like Gloria said, it is just such a drastic change from the previous color. Hope you can get it back to what you wanted without too much trouble.