Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Fun

For Tim's birthday I got him tickets to the University of Texas football game against BYU for this weekend.  He has been to a few UT games, but never one at Austin, so we were both excited to get to go.  When I bought the tickets, the game was scheduled for 1pm and I never bothered to check it again.  It wasn't until Friday night that we found out it was at 6pm.  I'm just glad we found out before we left early and got there 6 hours before the game started!  Tim's parents came up to take care of Robby while we were gone.  We got there in time to meet up with a friend who was tailgating.

We headed to the stadium about an hour before the game started.  It's a good thing we didn't get to our seats much sooner because we were directly in the sun!  

About 45 minutes into the game, the sun went down enough that everyone wasn't holding their hands over their eyes so they could see!  Sadly, I was dizzy pretty much the entire time, so while everyone else stood to watch the game, I had to sit and try to catch the plays on the big screen.  It was still fun to be there, though!  We actually were sitting with quite a few BYU fans.  There was a couple in front of us where were cheering for BYU.  I noticed she was pregnant.  I have no idea what possessed me to do this, because usually I'm too nervous to start up a conversation with a stranger, but I asked her how far along she was.  She said 5 months.  I then (stupidly) asked if it was her first one.  She replied that it was in fact her 5th.  I am pretty sure I looked like quite the idiot when my mouth dropped.  I told her I was pregnant with our 2nd and gave her the shortened story of our surprise.  She congratulated me and was very excited.  We spoke a few more times throughout the game, as did her husband to Tim.  When the game ended and they were leaving (UT won), they shook our hands and the husband handed us a slip of paper.  They had written "To find a great family church in your area, visit www. mormon . org" then had their names and phone number.  Tim and I just kind of smiled, and later reflected on what they must thought of little, ole, naive me thinking it was her first pregnancy!  They probably thought we were such a young couple just starting our family and would be good recruits!  

It took us a while to get out of the parking garage and back onto 35.  I was starving at that point so we stopped and one of Tim's favorite childhood burger places in Austin, Short Stop, and got something to eat.  We got home before midnight.  Robby had a bit of a rough time, going to bed around 7ish, then waking up 9:30ish ready to play!  He finally went to sleep for good about 30 minutes or so before we got back.  It was weird to me for him to be in bed asleep when we got home.  I missed him while we were gone, but it was fun for us to have some time minus the baby.  We held hands the whole way home from the game, without me having to let go to turn around and give a bottle, paci, or toy.  It was a nice break for us!

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Catie said...

That sounds like a fun weekend! Glad you got some time away, I totally understand about have to reach in the back, I felt like I was doing that every 5 minutes last week.