Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nothing scares him!

Robby LOVES it when Tim scares him. His whole body will jump and then he will laugh so hard! He also is climbing all over everything! Yesterday, after our walk we were sitting at the picnic tables and he was putting his fingers between the slats to pull himself onto the table top and trying to swing his leg up. Then yesterday evening, he was sitting on Tim's chest while Tim was laying on the floor. Then he climbed up on the ottoman all by himself! He loves to climb and explore. He bonks his head, gets stuck, and falls down but he just laughs it off! I watch him and cringe at what he's going to do, then I'm amazed at how he actually accomplished it!

Yesterday, I had been "scaring" him and he was laughing so hard. So I got a little bit on video.

After our walk yesterday morning, we got home and it was nap time. I put him down, he let out two cries and was out. Lately, nap times have been rough, but he slept for almost 2 1/2 hours. It was heavenly compared to the recent 30-45 minute naps! When he woke up, I went to get him and just had to laugh when I saw his face!

He slept really hard on his blanket and had indentions all over the left side of his face!

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