Monday, September 12, 2011

All About Me From A to Z

Catie tagged me to take this survey.  I don't normally participate in them, but I love reading others.  So it's probably a good thing she tagged me so I feel obligated to do it!  I should finally participate after observing so much!

So here we go:
{a} age: 27, I have to ask Tim all the time how old I am
{b} bed size: queen
{c} chore you hate: I absolutely hate any outside chores.
{d} dogs: we have 2- Leo is a lab mix, and is currently staying at Tim's parent's since we are in the apartment; Annie is a red, (supposedly) miniature dachshund.  They were definitely our babies before Robby got here!
{e} essential start to your day: Ummm, it would be too cheesy if I said seeing Robby smile, wouldn't it?  
{f} favorite color: Purple
{g} gold or silver: Silver
{h} height: 5'3” (thank goodness "w" isn't "weight")
{i} instruments you play: none
{j} job title: Wife and stay-at-home mom
{k} kids: Robby, born January 14, and Baby Weigle, due March 2012
{l} live: Schertz, TX (northeastern San Antonio
{m} main article of clothing: Jeans.  I try to wear interesting tops (I usually fail) because Tim got onto me a while back for only wearing solid colored, crew neck t-shirts!
{n} nicknames: My family calls me "Ranj"
{o} overnight hospital stays: A few nights for tests to be run when I was 15 and then when I had Robby.
{p} pet peeve: People who don't actually listen, unfortunately, I am guilty of this at times as well.
{q} quote: Umm, don't really have one.
{r} righty or lefty: Lefty
{s} siblings: An older brother, Ryan
{t} time you wake up: Usually between 7-8, unless Robby is really sleeping in.  It's funny, I used to wake up at 5am to work out for an hour before I got ready for work.  Now, 5 seems obscene!
{u} university attended: John Brown University!  
{v} vegetables you dislike: I dislike uncooked onions and I'm not a fan of bell peppers
{w} what makes you run late: My sweet, wonderful husband!  Although he is doing much better since joining the AF.  We are rarely late now.
{x} x-rays: I guess just dental
{y} yummy food: Mexican food!!  Along with sooo many others!
{z} zoo animal: Elephant

I'm going to tag KristySarah, and Silvy!

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Catie said...

I did not know you were a lefty! Yay for learning new things! I loved reading this, as usual, we are very similar :)