Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cousin Time

Two weeks ago, Robby and I headed to Arkansas.  We flew into Little Rock and stayed with Ryan, Natalie, and Graham.  We had a wonderful time!  I had about a full 4 days there.  Since Robby is beginning to interact with other children no, I was looking forward to how he and Graham would be together.  Those boys played and talked so much that Robby fell asleep as soon as I put him in his pack n play each night around 7:30 and didn't wake up until around 7 each morning.  It just wore him out!  We got some incredible pictures of the two of them together.  I am so excited to see them grow up together.

Right before we left
As long as he has my wristlet, he's good to go, no matter where we are!
He has two pair of flip flops and I think his feet look so precious in them!
Excited to be at Chick Fil A

Kisses and hugs!

Graham was very good about putting Robby's paci in his mouth...
...even if Robby didn't want it!

I got way too many bathtime pictures!
Graham found Robby's belly button for him!
Graham had his first haircut while we were there.  That was so fun!

I thought this was way too cute!
Robby and Granny
Robby and Pa
Robby and GrandLaLa

Checking out Graham's nap mat together.
Aunt Natalie singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to the boys!

The Biles' are coming this weekend since it's Labor Day.  We are so excited to get to spend more time together!

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Catie said...

Love the pics, especially of them standing by the tub! Can't wait for the ones with Gus!