Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chicken Enchiladas (version 2.0)

I posted my usual chicken enchilada recipe a couple of years ago.  As much as I like that recipe, I was looking for a change.  I have been following Foodie Friends and one of their challenges was enchiladas.  One person posted about making Paula Deen's chicken enchiladas, but they didn't post the recipe.  What intrigued me about the recipe was that it used cream cheese.  I had never thought about using it in enchiladas, so it sent me searching for this recipe.  I found a low fat version someone adapted and I found a version with a tomatillo sauce, but neither of them sounded amazing to me.  So I took a little of this recipe, a little of that recipe, and a little of my own and made these.  We both really liked them.  When we had them for leftovers the next night, I made Tim's refried beans to go along with them.  Mmmm, so good!!

-20 tortillas (I didn't use quite this many, but it depends on how full you make them as to how many you will need)
-2 cans red enchilada sauce
-4 chicken breasts
-1 can cream of chicken soup
-8 oz pkg cream cheese
-minced garlic and onion, 1 tsp each
-2-4 cups shredded cheese, ideally monterrey jack, as well as cheddar.  I could only find a white blend of Mexican cheeses and the cheddar

Cook the chicken.  I melted a little butter in the pan, seasoned with a sea salt and garlic grinder we have, as well as a little pepper.  Once cooked, tear chicken apart with to forks.  In a large bowl, combine cooked chicken, softened cream cheese, cream of chicken soup, garlic and onion, and a cup or so of a mix of the two cheeses.  Mix all ingredients.  Spray two 9x13 pans, then pour a little enchilada sauce on the bottom of each pan.  Spoon desired amount of chicken mixture in tortillas, roll, place seam side down in the pan.  After all enchiladas are placed in the pan, pour remainder of sauce over them (I didn't quite use 2 full cans).  Top with the rest of the cheese.  There will be a lot of cheese on top, but you want all of the exposed tortillas covered in either sauce or cheese or they will get hard and crunchy.  Cover with foil, bake at 350 for 30 minutes, uncover and bake 10 more minutes until cheese is bubbly.

They were really good and the amount of cheese was just the way I like!  This made enough for 3 meals for us.  It's kind of hard to cut in half thought, consider you would have to use half a can of cream of chicken soup, but you can try.  Anytime I halve a recipe it NEVER turns out right, so we just deal with the leftovers!  I don't know if you could freeze one pan of them.  What do you think?

I think I've posted Tim's refried beans recipe, but in case I didn't, they are super easy.

-1 Tbsp oil
-1 tsp minced garlic
-1 tsp minced onion
-1 cup chicken broth
-1 can pinto beans, drained
-1 can black beans, drained

Sweat the garlic and onion in the oil for several minutes.  Add beans and broth.  Simmer for about 30 minutes.  You can either drain all the liquid, setting the liquid aside and adding it back to make it the desired consistency or you can just leave all the liquid in and let the beans thicken while it stands.  Use a blender or food processor to get the beans mashed to the right consistency.  Our blender broke and our food processor was out of reach, so we used a potato masher.  They were a bit lumpier than they would have been otherwise, but still good!

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