Monday, September 12, 2011

Pregnancy Dreams

Although I don't have many pregnancy symptoms (other than being tired and dizzy all the time), I have the craziest, most vivid dreams.  I have talked to several other women who had dreams like this when they were pregnant.  They can range between dreams about the delivery to dreams involving friends from high school I haven't seen in years.  Sometimes I wake up and have to ask Tim if something actually happened or not, because they are that real.  When I was pregnant with Robby, I would get very angry in my dreams and would actually cuss.  I don't cuss in real life, so I would wake up and ask Tim if I had said something bad!  It made me nervous that I might actually do that in real life when I least expected it!  On Saturday night, I had a dream that my doctor called me and told me she was setting me up to be induced this week.  I asked if she was sure, since I was only 15 weeks along.  She said yes and it was very important that I come in on Tuesday to be induced.  Come to find out, it was because the hospital had offered a pizza party to the group of doctors who delivered the most babies.  Ya know, because I hear doctors just love pizza parties!  I just couldn't believe that I actually went along with it in my dream!  Last night I had a dream about bugs (my least favorite kind of dreams!).  I was holding Robby and we were suddenly covered in these black ant-like bugs that we couldn't get off of us.  I started freaking out majorly.  I don't remember how it ended, but I woke up itching and thinking I had bugs all over me.  And I definitely check Robby over to make sure he didn't have any on him!  I'm interested, for those of you who have been pregnant, did you have vivid dreams?  If so, what is the craziest pregnancy dream that you had?

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Catie said...

I started having tons of dreams when I got pregnant with Gus. I still don't sleep as deep as I used to, I wish I could! I don't have one that stands out though