Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Mornings Lately

I am loving our weather here lately.  The mornings are nice and fall like.  I have a little ritual that I've been doing in the mornings the past couple of weeks.  I get up and fix Tim's breakfast and lunch and send him on his way.  Then I light my pumpkin candle.

Sit in this room for a little while, have my quiet time, and pray for our sweet little boy.
Then I go in to check on these two, and they are always in the same spot!
The mornings are probably my favorite time of the day and being able to spend them not rushed and doing whatever I want is so nice!  I get to have a nice calm hour or so before I dive into my housework and errands.  

Then there are the mornings when Tim is off.  I still get up and do the things I said above except for the last one.  Here is where they usually are if Tim is off work:

I don't know what we are going to do when Robert gets here!!  The puppies are just going to have to make some room for him, I guess! :-)


Kristal said...

Morning is my favorite time of the day, too, for many of the same reasons! And how much sweeter it is having a little one keeping you company :)

Gloria said...

Just wait until your mornings include sitting and nursing your baby boy....there is nothing as special as that.