Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby Gifts!

Robby has received a couple of BIG gifts!  I texted Tim when the packages arrived to make sure he was ok with me opening them before he got home from work.  And like a smart husband, he told me to go ahead and open them!!  All of these came from Aunt Darlene and Uncle Willy!

The first package of the day contained these:

We have decided to go with cloth diapers and I couldn't be happier with these that we chose.  We will probably have to use disposable diapers for the first couple of weeks, but we plan to transition to these as soon as he weighs enough.  I plan on making a post a little later with all the reasons why I chose this specific brand and type.

The second package contained this:

Detergent to wash the diapers.  I think I will also use this to wash all the baby clothes for the first time.

The third package contained this:

A bag to put the dirty diapers in while we are on the go.  The bag contains the odor and zips so no one has to know what is in the bag!

Now, the fourth package was so exciting because this is one of the huge things we need!!  It was this:

About a month or so ago, we decided instead of buying all the nursery furniture while we are here, setting it up, using it for 3 months, then storing it until Tim is done with officer training and we find a house in San Antonio we would just get a nice pack n play with the changing table and newborn sleeper to use as the crib.  Robby will probably be using this as his "crib" for the first 5 months or so, until we move and get settled.  Although I had picked out this specific pack n play, I had never seen it in person.  I LOVE the colors and the pattern.  It's just perfect!  As soon as Tim got home and ate his dinner he helped me put it together.  I am so excited to have several big items already taken care of for our baby.  So even if we don't get anything else done, he has diapers to poop in and a place to sleep!  :-)

Enjoy these pictures of the process of putting together the pack n play!


Kristal said...

How exciting!!! Once the "baby stuff" starts coming it makes it so much more real!! I'm looking forward to reading about the cloth diapers and what brought you to that decision.

sarah said...

yay for cloth diapers! i hope they work out for you guys. i love ours - they are way easier than people think!