Thursday, January 26, 2012

Personalized Thank You Cards

I think Thank You cards are an incredibly important thing.  I was raised sending Thank You cards for every gift I received.  Sadly, over the past year, I have fallen short on the Thank You cards.  It makes me sad and I really want to get back on track with them.  I also want to make sure our boys are raised knowing the importance of not only saying "Thank You" but also taking the time to write Thank You cards.  I have seen (and received a few) fill-in-the-blank Thank You cards for kids and thought they were a great idea for starting this habit for kids.  Since Robby obviously cannot write or even scribble on a piece of paper to express his gratitude to everyone who gave him a birthday present, I wanted to come up with a way to incorporate him in the card, even though I would be the one filling them out.  So, I decided to make my own fill-in-the-blank Thank You cards with his handprint!

I got this big stamp pad at Michael's and got his handprint on a piece of paper (much easier said than done, let me tell you!)
I made a template in Word for postcards.  I have a big box of postcard paper so I'm always looking for ways I can use them!
Then I scanned his little handprint, saved it as a .jpeg, edited it just a tad, and inserted the image into the document.
I had to shrink his handprint down a little so it would fit correctly.  I think I want to make these each year until he can write his own, so I will probably do them on half sheets of card stock in the future so it can be a full size hand print.  I imagine grandparents will enjoy them enough, they will want to keep them from each year!

Here's the finished product:
I also printed the return address on the back of each card, just to make addressing them a bit quicker.  I thought they turned out pretty cute!


Gloria said...

Grandparents will indeed want to keepsake them! They are adorable!

Catie said...

So cute!! I love it! I had seen the fill-in-the-blank ones at Erin Condren and thought they were so cute- this is a great idea and cheaper :)

Catie said...

We got ours in the mail yesterday- so cute- it's on the fridge- I love having Robby's hand on my fridge!

Catie said...

Apparently I need to put 3 comments on this post.... but I wanted to tell you I tagged you today in my post!

Kara said...

Hi Randi,
This is a completely random, but I couldn't find your email address or contact info ;) My husband is in the Air Force and we are relocating to Randolph in June. I am hoping you can answer some questions for me as we begin the housing adventure. I am having a really difficult time finding any information and would love to have some input on the area. Would you mind emailing me?
Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.
You can check out our blog to assure you that we aren't crazy, well not too crazy ;)
Thanks again!

Emily said...

Ah, stamp pad. We tried making handprints with Trey with finger paints, and I was really questioning my sanity! Maybe we'll try a stamp pad next time!