Saturday, January 21, 2012

A nice Saturday

Today we had a few errands we needed to run plus some things we just wanted to do. We started our day picking up some jeans that Tim had hemmed. Tim just ran in while Robby and I waited for him in the car. While we waited, I let Robby try out a snack cup for the first time.

He was doing I thought until we got him out of his car seat at the next stop and found pretty much all of his snack in his seat! Little stinker!

Our next stop was The Container Store. Y'all, I could have spent $1,000 in there today if we had been able to! I informed Tim as soon as we walked in that we would be walking up and down every aisle. He obliged! :-) One thing we purchased was this handy cart for between our washer and dryer:

We also got a few other little storage things, plus something I purchased for a project that I will post about tomorrow once I finish it!

We had been in the store for a while when Robby was getting tired of being in his stroller, so we got him out and let him walk around. I captured a few pictures of him and his daddy walking around.

I plan on going back at some point to get containers to organize our pantry. I could have gone crazy in there!!

After that we went to a neat place called Lakeshore Learning Store. We didn't get anything here but we will definitely be going back at some point. They had some great stuff! They also had a lot of projects going on with kids there. I think it will be fun to take Robby there to do some experiments and projects when he gets older.

We wanted to look at some bedroom furniture since we are finally going to be able to get a real set of matching furniture! We have some picked out that we like but wanted to see what else is out there before we decide for sure. Well, like most things we shop for, the sets we liked were way out of our price range. We went to about 4 different stores and by the last store, I was done! We decided we are just going to go with our original choice. Hopefully, we will be able to get it before Charlie gets here, but we'll see.

Tim and I love getting out and just running errands - or just running around without any specific place in mind to go! So it was nice to spend the day together just getting out and doing a bunch of stuff. Thankfully, Robby enjoys being out and about as much as we both do!

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