Saturday, January 14, 2012

A fun-filled birthday!

Today has been a wonderful day!  It started with us just having some time as our little family.  We had breakfast casserole (Tim's breakfast item of choice to become the traditional birthday breakfast we have) and watched a movie that Tim made of pictures all from Robby's first year.

While Robby was down for his morning nap, I finished getting everything ready for the party and Tim and I got ourselves ready.  Robby woke up around noon, so we got him all dressed up to greet his guests.

And took some pictures of all the decorations for the party.

We had chicken salad sandwiches, carrots and ranch, chips and salsa, and monkey cupcakes!

Everyone started arriving a little after 1pm.  Grandma Gloria, Grandpa Bill, and Aunt Kathy were the first to arrive.  Then GrandLaLa and Pepaw arrived.

We mingled, ate lunch, then began opening presents.

He loved everything he received!  He had a hard time moving on to the next present because he wanted to keep playing with everything he opened!  Tim and I got him a slide as well as a ball pit.  We decided to put the slide into the ball pit for extra fun for the day.  I think he liked it!

We went outside to get a few pictures (and sweet kisses!) and that turned into Robby taking a ride in his wagon.

When we got back inside, it was cupcake time!  I was surprised at how neatly Robby ate his!

A little while after that, our friends, the Beattys, arrived.  Robby enjoyed playing with them.  I somehow didn't get any pictures with them, though.  Everyone started leaving around 4.  Robby had a blast and I feel like the party was truly a success!

For dinner, we went out with my parents to Mamacita's.  Robby loved the atmosphere (and the beans!).

There is a robotic Davy Crockett that plays "Happy Birthday" on the fiddle whenever the servers are signing to someone who is celebrating their birthday there.  After the first time, Robby was glued to Davy, so I asked our server if they could make him play again.  He said he comes on about every 15 minutes or when someone is celebrating a birthday.  We mentioned that it was, in fact, Robby's first birthday!  Well, at the end of our meal they brought out a sombrero (that didn't go over so well with him) and some birthday sopapillas!  He loved them!

He also loved the fountain that was in the entry area of the restaurant!

When we got back, he played with his new toys and spent a little more time with his LaLa and Pepaw.

He had a very full day but did great.  He was so precious with everyone who came and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as he did!


Catie said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing all these pictures! You did such a great job planning his birthday, it looks like it was wonderful. Love y'all!!!

Cynthia said...

What a special day for Robby! Thanks for having us over and part of his day! He is such a precious boy! Btw...We don't have any pictures of Robby at Faith or Adam's party either. lol! Next year! :)