Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let the changes begin!

We have been in our current rent house for over 2 years. When we moved in, we were so excited about having a third room. So we have our bedroom, Tim's office/man space (meaning it can get as cluttered and messy as he wants, I don't clean it during my regular cleaning), and a guest room. It was the perfect size for us. But now that we have a little Weiglet coming, we realized we needed to make a few changes. We will more than likely only be here in Amarillo for abut 3-4 months after the baby is born, but we still wanted to have a baby space. Originally we thought about moving Tim's desk and his office necessities into the dining room, having my parents take back the dining room table and chairs, move the guest room into the office and make the guest room the nursery. I guess I should add that the office also has a refrigerator in it where we keep extra diet cokes and food and things like that, and we really don't have a place to move that other fridge. Anyways, after realizing that in order to move the guest room into the office, we would essentially be packing up 2 rooms of our house and having to store all of the extra stuff in our very non-weather friendly garage. Chances are, most things would be ruined after the winter if we had to move it all out there. So we decided instead to keep the guest room the same, move Tim's desk to the dining room, and make the office into a nursery "area". It will still have Tim's dresser, the love seat, and the fridge in it, but we will be able to put a crib and a changing table in half of the room. I think it will work out well. Of course, this is not at all what I pictured bringing our baby home to. I imagined working tirelessly on the perfect nursery and having it just right and beautiful for our sweet little baby. I had to come to the realization the other night that we won't be having that for when we bring the baby home, but as soon as we move to San Antonio and get in a house, it will be the first room I complete and it will be just what I have imagined.

Here are some pictures of the moving process of the office. Of course the office is not ready for baby furniture, but we are still 6 months away from having to have that! We are hoping to get the rest of everything packed up in the next week or so, then we can gradually work on adding the furniture and decorating it a little. I was so amazed at how Tim just jumped right into the project and he has no problem with losing his "man space"! I think we both realize this is very temporary and hopefully our next house will have enough rooms for all we are needing!

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