Sunday, July 25, 2010

Furniture, Diaper Bags, and Baby Names!

We've had baby names picked out since pretty much the day I told Tim we were pregnant. I guess technically we've had the boy's name decided on for probably several years due to the significance of the names. I will reveal the names in just a second.

I recently found out that people who are not as far along as I am have already been looking at and decided on baby room furniture! Wow, that made me feel way behind!! We're still trying to make decisions regarding bedding. About the time I think I've figured it out, I change my mind!! (Go figure, huh?!)

So, first, I'll reveal the diaper bag we are pretty sure I want:

One of the main things I want in a diaper bag is being able to use it as a diaper bag but also a purse, so I'm not lugging around two bags when we go places. I love this one because it will be great for a boy or a girl, but most importantly, I think it's super cute! ALSO, the name of the bag is the "Splodge Dot Randi Baby Bag". When we looked at it online last night Tim said the decision was made since the name of the bag is my name! Haha!!

Now, onto furniture and baby names. We already talked about how we are not having a full nursery in our current house but we wanted to make sure we had a crib and changing table. Well we found crib/changing table combos at Babies-R-Us online and we felt like they were just what we were looking for. I thought I wanted one specific style of crib whether it was a boy or a girl, but I changed my mind! So, here we go:

Abigail Lauren (Abi)
We chose Abigail because we just loved how precious the name is and Lauren is my best friend from college's middle name. I wanted to shorten the name and I want it to end in an "I" like mine.
I love the off white color and the girly-ness of the features in this set. I think it's just so sweet!

Robert William (Rob or Robby)
Robert is in honor of our sister-in-law's brother who was killed serving our country in Baghdad. Pretty much since that tragedy occurred, Tim decided if we had a son he wanted him to be named Rob. William is a family name on both of our sides of the family. My paternal grandfather's middle name was William, as is my brother's middle name. Tim's dad and brother are both named William. So it seemed the perfect way to honor both sides of the family.
I love the clean, simple lines and the dark wood. This is the color wood we want in most rooms of our house. I just love the look of it!

So there you have it, we have made 5 decisions, well 6 if you count the fact we decided what room to turn into the nursery area! I think we're doing pretty well considering we still have about 6 months before our little Weiglet gets here!


Mandy-roo said...

I'm commenting for the SECOND time today, woo! Just wanted to say I LOVE the names (obviously rooting for a girl though). And if you can't find bedding you like, I bet you could find some cute stuff on If you've never been there, you're in for a treat, but be sure to carve out at least an hour because it's addicting!! LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Your post made me cry. Good tears though.