Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A "Baby Pooch"

Not only are a ton of our friends currently pregnant, there are quite a few celebrities that have come forward in the last week or so saying they are expecting babies in the winter, too! One who I think is absolutely adorable is Melissa Rycroft.
I thought it was cute when she said as she was interviewed that the baby bump would come later, but right now she has a baby pooch! That's exactly how I feel! Just enough "bloat" to make pants uncomfortable and to look like you've had a few too many doughnuts but not enough "bump" to make you look pregnant!

Beginning about 6 months before we got married, I started really working out. I had never worked out before in my life! I also started eating healthy. Now since then I've strayed a little here and there on the healthy eating but I've always kept up with the working out. It has been a little hard/frustrating to watch my abdominal muscles disappear one by one! But I know it's all for a good cause :-). And I am hoping I will see them again in less than a year!!

Here are my 14 week pictures. It was actually taken last night which was 14 weeks and 4 days. Little Weiglet is the size of a naval orange! Hard to believe!!
Here is a picture of Annie and Leo as Tim was getting ready to take the pictures. Leo thought the orange was a ball so they were quite interested in what I was holding!

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Kristal said...

You're looking as beautiful as ever!!