Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thirty-one party!

I'm hosting a Thirty-one catalog party, which means anyone can order online by selecting my party on the website.  Just pick what products you want and they will be delivered to you!  I absolutely LOVE these bags and am so glad my sister-in-law, Natalie, introduced me to them.  I have several different ones and wanted to show you how I use them to keep me organized.

First, I have several items in my bathroom.  I have the mini utility bin under my sink with my all of my hair products, dryer, flat iron, brush, etc.

I love the gray with the polka dots.  We have decorated our bathroom in gray and yellow so the dots go great with our decor.  The name is a bit deceiving.  There isn't really anything "mini" about it!  I have a ton in there.  Natalie said she has used it as a trash collector in their car when they take long trips.  The great thing about this (and the other totes I'm going to talk about) is that you can rinse them out with soap and water and they dry in no time at all.  I spilt something sticky in one of my totes and had it cleaned and ready to use in just a few minutes.  Next to the bin, I have the five pocket clutch which holds all of my makeup.  When we travel, I also put my contact cleaner, case, and mini toiletries in it.  It holds a lot also, and I love that some pockets are zippered while others snap.  Also in the bathroom, I have the littles carry-all caddy on the back of the toilet and have all of my, errr, feminine products in it so they are easy to access.

It's also in the dots to go with the look of the bathroom.

Next, are the two I'm most excited about, probably because I use them every single day.  They are the zipper pouches.  They are huge!  You can fit a TON in them. The way I use them is for organizing my diaper bag.  I don't know about you other moms but it always seemed like my diaper bag was a wreck. Sure there are a ton of pockets in it, but I never could get a good system down for what I used each pocket for and I really never could find what I was looking for quickly.  Well, now I have a bag for each boy and they slip into my diaper bag very easily.  They are different prints so they are easy to tell which bag belongs to each boy, plus they are monogrammed.

You can see how much I have in these bags for each of the boys!  And I usually have several snacks in Robby's for him, too.  What makes this a great system is if we are out and Tim or I just need to take one of the boys to change a diaper, we grab that boy's bag and we know there will be wipes and the appropriate size diaper ready to go.  It makes dropping off at the nursery super easy since they are each in different rooms.  I just hand the appropriate bag to the nursery workers and know everything that child needs is in the bag.  And I get to keep the diaper bag with all of my things with me.  Also, if Tim is taking just one of the boys out with him, he grabs that boys bag and has all he will need for their outing.  I can't tell you how much this organization has helped keep me sane!

Now, let's talk about car organization.  I purchased the organizing utility tote first.  I packed it with my jumper cables, bottled water in different pockets, reusable shopping bags, towels, paper towels, etc.  It was my emergency car kit.  Most recently, I have used it to pack toys for our car trips for Robby.  I also put different snacks and things in the pockets.  This kept the car from getting crazy messy.  Everything always had a place to go back into during the trip.

I also have two all-in-one organizers, one for each boy.  In these I have everything I need for while we are out and just in case we got stranded somewhere (you can never be too careful, right?!) and have them in the floorboard on Robby's side.

In Charlie's I have a bottle, some formula packets, my sling, some teethers, and lots of diapers and a package of wipes.  In Robby's I also have diapers and wipes, take and toss cups, snacks, his quiet book, another toy, and I usually have some individual juice bottles in there too.  Having these in the car makes me feel confident that I will have whatever we need just in case we get across town and get stuck in traffic so we're out much longer than we expected or if something comes up and just keeps us away from home and I wasn't planning on it.  They really help when we are traveling, also, because whatever we need is within reach and organized well.

The prices of the totes, bins, and accessories are incredibly reasonable considering the quality of the products.  I am always pleasantly surprised by the actual size of all the items when I receive them.  I'm planning to get more of the fun accessories.  I love so many of the prints they have!  I would love to hear what items you decide to get and what you plan to do with them.  My party is open today through the 14th.  There is special this month that if you spend $31 you get a product from the Spirit Collection for 50% off!  If you have any questions about anything, you can ask me or email Natalie from the website.

Here is the link to my party again:
I think it is easier to check out the catalog first so you can browse everything and see how it's being used, then shop from the party link.

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Catie said...

You are so organized!! This post makes me want to get tons of bags!! Great job :)