Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Happenings of My Little Man

Robby has been doing so many new things lately.  I really want to be able to remember all the cute things he says and does.  Here are several of the cute things he does.

-He loves saying "Two".  When I count, gets really excited and yells out "TWO" after I say "one".  Whenever I hand him something, he always wants one for his other hand as well, so he'll ask "two?".  He also holds up the appropriate fingers for 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.  It's cute to see him struggle to get it just right then get excited when he gets it!

-He loves his little brother.  When I go into the boys' room in the morning and get him out of his crib, he immediately asks for "Charlie".  And after church, they usually bring Robby out of the nursery to us first.  When they round the corner with Charlie, Robby starts saying his name over and over.  I love hearing him say it.

-He enjoys helping me unload the dishwasher and he will say what it is that he's getting out: "'poon, fork, bowl, cup, bottle".  After we are done, he carries the utensil basket around with him and puts things in all the compartments of it.

-He carries anything with a strap or handle on the crook of his elbow.  It cracks me up because it is like he's carrying around a purse.  There is a particular pink bin that has a handle on it that he carries like this and puts his cup, keys, and wallet in it.

-When we were watching the olympics several weeks ago, I would cheer on the swimmers and runnings by saying "Go, go, go!"  Robby started saying it with me, too.  Now, whenever I want him to hurry, I'll just say "Go, go, go!" and he will start running.  When the boys were bathing the other night, he said, "go, go, go!" and started moving his legs under the water like he was running.  It cracked me up because he kept doing it.

-He likes to name the people in the pictures on his wall.  Every time I put him on the changing table, he lists "mama, daddy, baby".

-At least 10 times a day, Robby will come up to me and just say "mama mama mama mama mama mama mama..." for no reason except that he wants to be near me and have me look at him.  Sometimes I get a tad annoyed because I'm trying to get something done and can't concentrate, but then I hear how cute it is and just have to laugh!

-I've mentioned before how much he LOVES shoes.  He always asks for his "shooooooes".  Some mornings, that's what he asks for first thing.  Any time Tim's or my shoes are laying around, he gets them and brings them to us and makes us put them on our feet.  The other day, he brought my wedges to me while I was cooking dinner and made me put them on.  So there I was, in my workout shorts, tank top, and silver wedges!  Quite the sight!

-He picks up on things that I don't even realize we do or say.  Whenever I huff, he will huff.  If I say, "Oh my gosh!", he yells "Goooooosh".  Apparently, I've said "Weeeeeeee" at some point when we were doing something.  Now, whenever he runs, slides, climbs on top of something, jumps, whatever, he says, VERY loudly, "WEEEEEEEEEEE!"

-He has started clasping his hands together and bowing his head when we pray.  When we are done, he says "'Men!"  I almost cry every time!

-When he knows we are about to leave the house, he starts saying "Go" and "Bye" until we get to the door.  Also, he always has to take something with him when we leave the house.  Some days it's just Kaikai, but other days it's several little things.  The other day, he tried to take the bumbo seat and another day he tried to take a big shoe box.

-He watches a few episodes of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" in the mornings and a few in the evening (during that horrible hour before Tim gets home).  Whenever he wants to watch one, he tells me "Toodles!"  I find it funny that that is the character he says and not any of the others!  I think it's because they will call for Toodles and he likes to do call for him, too.

-We like to FaceTime with my mom in the afternoons and sometimes in the evenings when I'm trying to get dinner done.  He will carry the phone around and jabber to her and show her different things.  He has watched me use the phone to show her Charlie so he will turn it around to show him to her, too.  However, this has led him to ask for "LaLa" every time I pick up my phone.  There have been a few times that we've FaceTimed with her and my dad was home, also, so he was able to talk to "Pa".  Now, if I tell him he can't talk to LaLa, he will ask for "Ba".

-He can't say "Grandma" or "Grandpa", so I've been working with him to say "Gloria" and "Bill" instead.  They come out "Grory" and "Bow"!

-He has started telling me "nigh nigh" whenever Charlie or Annie are asleep or whenever we put his pajamas on at night.  Pretty much every word he says, he says it twice now.

-He is finally calling a dog "daw" when he hears or sees one instead of calling them all "Mannie".  When we go for our walks, we pass by a certain yard with a dog and it can hear us on the other side so it starts barking.  Robby gets really excited and says "Daw, daw, daw!"

-He makes a craft in Sunday School every Sunday.  I adore each one and love to see how his little hands are getting more and more coordinated to be able to put stickers on things and use stamps and colors.  I'm beginning to see why there are so many pins on Pinterest about how to archive your child's artwork and projects.  I want to put each on on the fridge but there just isn't enough room!

I am so thankful to see Robby grow and change.  He is starting to lose some of the baby-ness in his face and is looking more like a boy.  It kills me sometimes when I look at him and see a boy instead of my little baby.  He is going to start going to Mother's Day Out next week.  I hope I can handle it!

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Catie said...

I LOOOOVVVVEEEE hearing about all this!! Gus does the "two" thing too! Tonight at dinner, I gave him more food and he wanted to pray again. Robby is saying so many words, I'm very impressed :)