Monday, August 27, 2012

Pooping: The true story of Robby and Charlie

C: Hey, Robby, I'm kind of feeling like I need to poop.
R: Ya, you know, I am too!
C: Ooo, I have an idea. You go under the dining room table and do your poop.  I'll roll over here and do my poop.  Then we will both hit mommy at the same time all poopy!
R: Yes!  And we will start fussing at the same time like we really don't like it.  She will LOVE this!  I don't think she had anything to do today, so this will make her feel really special to have double the poop to handle!
C: Perfect!  1...2...3...Poop!

I'm convinced this is how it happens, y'all!


Catie said...

Hah! You'll want them on schedule like this someday when you are out taking them to a potty :)

Terry Times said...

So funny!