Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Fun, Family Day!

Tim took off yesterday so we decided we would go to the children's museum.  The boys and I have been a few times and Robby loves it!  Tim was a little jealous that he hadn't been able to experience it yet, so he was excited to go.  :-)

We started out with a time of admiring the cuteness of Charlie
This was our little guy's first time in this stroller sitting up.  We almost always take the double stroller or I had been putting him in his carrier in this stroller.  He loved it!  And I was reminded of the simplicity of a single stroller!  :-)

Robby and daddy enjoyed building a house.

Robby taught daddy a little something about coloring.

They went camping for a bit.

Robby made quite the meal for himself!

Mommy and Charlie just chilled in a chair that was a tad too small for mommy's behind...

The big boys went on a space adventure.

I am sad that I didn't get pictures of the grocery store, train table, newspaper office, and the water table. We had a blast and ended our morning with CFA!

Charlie is anxiously awaiting the day he will be able to eat some scrumptious chicken!  He was really wanting some yesterday!

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Catie said...

That looked like such a fun day!!!