Friday, July 13, 2012

A little change-up!

When we went to Muleshoe last week, the boys and I slept in the same room.  I was amazed at how well they did sleeping like that.  Charlie slept right through Robby's nightly screaming as soon as we put him to bed and Robby slept right through Charlie waking up at 5am to eat.  So, that got me thinking.  We knew we wanted the boys to share a room later on down the road, but what if we went ahead and put them together now?  While Tim was at work, I moved Charlie's crib into Robby's room and rearranged the furniture to make everything fit.  (On a side note: Don't remove the door from the hinges unless you are sure you need to do so.) (On another side note: If you do remove the door from the hinges, apparently there is a bolt on each hinge that can just be popped out.  So, don't completely unscrew the hinge from the door itself...not that I would know or anything!).  Today, I worked on getting all of the wall decor rehung.  I decided to change Robby's name on his wall from "Robert" to "Robby", so I need to find my paint and take care of the b and y.  And I have a couple of empty frames because we are hoping to get some professional pictures of Charlie done and those pictures will go in the frames.  I'm excited about the change!  Now, when we have guests, Charlie doesn't have to be displaced and I have ended up getting a little office work space for bill paying, meal planning, etc.

 There is absolutely nothing on the walls of the guest room now, but we will change that soon enough!

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Catie said...

It just looks great!!! And it's always fun to make some changes :)