Saturday, July 7, 2012

First road trip with both boys!

The boys and I loaded up on Thursday and headed to Muleshoe to see the Hawvers. I was nervous about doing it by myself but left with all kinds of snacks and fun car things for Robby. Within the first 2 hours, Robby got carsick and threw up all over himself, we stopped for a potty break and bees got in the car, and we got stuck at a dead stop on a two lane road because of construction. I was about ready to turn around and call it quits. But I powered through and we made it safe and sound (and I still had a little of my sanity left!). I don't think I will make a habit of traveling with them by myself, but I proved to myself that I could do it!
Here are some pictures all along the way!

Hitting the road!

First big toy out is the Leapfrog.

My view just before I heard the dreaded sounds of car sickness!

After cleaning up and changing clothes, we pulled out the magnet letters and crayola wonder color markers. Huge hit!!

Laptop came out a little while later. (Charlie was asleep most of the trip, thank goodness!)

Robby thought it was funny to have the boppy in his car seat!

Naptime was after lunch.

I downloaded some old Disney clips and some of the Pixar short films to the iPad. He thought they were funny!

I had to stop here to feed Charlie and I chased Robby around the parking lot for a little bit to get out some of his energy. I thought it should be a pretty safe place to stop! :-)

While we were there, I realized Robby was getting a tooth where I thought he just had a gap before. This little tooth is already pushing his front two teeth back together. The gap there is almost non-existent. Yay!

Time for some fun apps on the iPod.

We ran into a little rain. The wipers entertained Robby quite a bit!

For the last 20 minutes, he napped. Which I was thankful for because I wanted him to be in a good mood when we arrived!

After it was all done, I felt quite accomplished. The hardest part was when I needed to go to the bathroom. I usually waited until I really really had to go, so getting both boys unloaded and into wherever we were going made it pretty difficult. One time I just stopped at a new Holiday Inn Express because I could park right next to the door and the bathro would be right there when I walked in. I felt kind of bad that I wasn't staying at the hotel and was using their bathroom, but would have felt worse had I peed my pants! :-)

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