Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Four month stats

Today was Charlie's 4 month appointment. He is perfectly healthy and the doctor was impressed by his leg and neck strength. She was also surprised by how calm and content he was when she was examining him. He just laid there and let her check everything out. He would give her smiles and coos throughout the whole thing! Charlie is 13 lbs 12 oz (25%), 25.5 in (75%), and has a head circumference of 16.75 in (50%).

Robby was a little concerned about what they were doing to his brother!

Charlie also had his 4 month vaccinations. He barely cried then snuggled up to me and went to sleep! We got home, he and Robby played then after Robby went down for his nap, Charlie and I snuggled some more. Precious boy!

We are so blessed and extremely thankful to have two healthy, growing boys!

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Catie said...

Yay for a healthy boy!! He does have the sweetest personality!