Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fun, full day!

Yesterday, we took the boys and went to Clovis (about 30 minutes away) to go to Hobby Lobby so we could get some fun things to work on projects for the nursery (Josh and Catie are expecting a little girl in November). We put all the car seats in the 4Runner and loaded up the double stroller and single stroller then hit the road.

Gus dozed off on the way.

We spent over an hour and a half at Hobby Lobby.

The boys did great. We got back in the car to get some lunch only for Robby to fall asleep! So we grabbed some Wendy's then headed home.

We got home and the boys played.

There was a little confusion about who Kaikai belonged to.

But we got it all straightened out!

During Gus and Charlie's nap, Robby got some individual play time. Also, he insisted on wearing Gus's shoes around the house.

Then we played outside for a little bit after naptime.

What more could a couple of SAHMs need??

Then, last night we went to the original Leal's Mexican restaurant. I have missed Leal's so much and had been looking forward to going when I got here. Robby enjoyed the cheese dip.

Gus enjoyed the beans!

Uncle Josh with the big boys!

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