Monday, November 21, 2011

No, I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth...

Y'all, I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in so long.  Whenever I would have a little bit of time to blog, I felt so overwhelmed by the fact that I would need to backtrack and update on all I missed.  So I'm just not going to do that.  I blog for fun and to keep our family and friends updated, not because I have to.  I'm not going to go back 3 weeks and talk about all that has happened in detail.  I will, however, give you a quick rundown of what we've been doing.  I kind of touched on this, but at the end of October, Mandy came for a visit.  She got here the last Friday of October and left the following Wednesday.  The last time we had seen here, Robby was about 4-5 months old, so he had definitely changed!  Mandy's trip here overlapped with a business trip for Tim.  He left for Dallas that Sunday.  After I dropped Mandy off at the airport on Wednesday, Robby and I headed up to Dallas to spend a few days with Tim.  Towards the end of his week, he wasn't as busy with meetings and dinners, so it was perfect.  We left on Friday morning and headed back home.  The next week, my parents came for a visit for a couple of days.  They got here Wednesday night and left Saturday morning.  Tim had Friday off for Veteran's Day, so it worked out perfectly the way their trip fell.  Right now, Tim is in the middle of a pharmacy remodel.  Yuck!  He got home about 9:30 on Friday night because they had to clear out the entire pharmacy after they closed at 5.  Thankfully, everyone worked hard and got it done as quickly as they could.  He was supposed to go in for a little bit this weekend, but it ended up getting taken care of without him having to go in.  It was wonderful because we had the whole weekend just to ourselves!  This week, they have merged the BX satellite pharmacy (where Tim works) with the clinic pharmacy.  It is going to be crazy to say the least!!  He gets Thanksgiving day off, which will be nice, but then has to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to get the pharmacy all put back together and make sure they are ready to be up and running on Monday.  After this week, things will hopefully start settling down a little for Tim.

Robby is doing great!  He is standing on his own for long periods of time and there have been a few times he has started to take steps on his own but then grabbed for something to hold onto.  If he is distracted, I know he can do it, but when he focuses on it, he decides he needs help!  He is eating table foods.  He likes chicken in little bites, as well as potatoes, pinto beans, black beans, corn, and avocado.  He is not a fan of feeding himself peas, carrots, or bananas.  He doesn't like anything with a slimy texture.  I'm just going to keep giving them to him and hope he eventually takes them.  I've started giving him whole milk, as well as yogurt with whole milk.  He's been taking a bottle with half formula and half milk.  He is loving it so far.  And I'm loving the fact that we won't be spending $100 a month on formula, only about $15ish on milk!  This morning he had some waffle.  At first I tore it up for him in small pieces but he wouldn't eat them.  He just tossed them on the floor for Annie.  Then I just decided to hand him the bigger piece that I was using to tear off pieces.  He took it and nibbled on it for a while.  He was so excited about it!  Speaking of excited, I posted the video a few weeks ago of him clapping.  Well, while my parents were here, he started associating "Yay" and "Good job" with clapping.  So anytime we say those words, he drops what he's doing and claps.  Talk about precious!!  He has also started saying "r" and "y" words (sounds).  And his jabbering is now a combination of a lot of different "words" instead of repeating the same sound over and over.  He sounds like he's really having a conversation, we just don't know what he's saying!  :-)  He's so fun right now and we are extremely excited about the upcoming holidays with him.

I have several topics and ideas I want to blog about, let's hope I actually do them!!  :-)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Tim has been busy, huh? Yuck! Definitely keep feeding him stuff he doesn't like. He'll get used to it. My mom didn't do a good job exposing me to different foods and I struggle not to resent her for it. I have so much trouble with my weight as an adult because I wasn't taught early how to be healthy! It's got to be hard to not feed them their favorite foods all the time but he'll thank you one day!