Monday, November 21, 2011

It's beginning to look a LITTLE like Christmas!

This weekend we went to the storage unit and pulled out some of our Christmas decorations.  I probably brought back about 1/4-1/3 of what I have.  I knew it wasn't going to be feasible to go all out this year since Robby is all over the place and into everything.  We have a little 4 ft tree sitting on top of an end table in the corner of the living room.  It has about 10 ornaments on it.

I also pulled out a few of my favorite decorations to put out where Robby can't reach.  This plate is one of my favorites!  I always put Jesus' birthday cake on it for Christmas morning.
 (Please forgive the dishes in the sink.  I never keep dishes in the sink but I had just finished making brownie muffins for Tim's pharmacy and the dishwasher was running and these wouldn't fit in there)

This is in our hall bath.  It's not much but I like to put a little bit all over.

Tim put up some ice cycle lights along a kind of overhang area between our living room and kitchen/dining room.  Robby LOVED them when he woke up this morning.  I walked out of his room with him on my hip and he saw them as soon as we rounded the corner.  He just looked at them and said "oooh"!  SO precious.  I can't wait to go look at Christmas lights, big Christmas trees, and other decorations everywhere with him!
(Again, forgive the mess!  The table and desk ledge is doubling as our dumping grounds right now!  That's on my to-do list today!)

The one thing I'm disappointed about is that I could only find ONE of our stockings.  We have 6 of them (2 for us, 2 for our kids, and 2 for our dogs - I had it planned out two years ago exactly how many we would need for our family!  Haha!).  We looked through all the plastic bins that had Christmas decorations in them, but I could only find the one.  I don't know what happened to the others.  I'm sure they are packed in a different box somewhere.  But I'm not too worried about it, Robby is the only one who is getting stocking gifts this year anyway so one stocking is just fine!

Are you planing to decorate for Christmas this week?  Or have you already decorated?  I used to wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving, but the last few years I've done it the weekend before.  I love Christmas decorations so much I want to experience them as long as I can!!


Catie said...

I love your decorations!!! They are so cute! We are going to put ours up this weekend

Anonymous said...

We were going to put ours out this weekend too but got surprised with the entire family coming over to our place for Thanksgiving so we decided to leave up our fall decorations until after Thanksgiving.

You'll find the stockings. Wasn't it you who couldn't find ornaments one year?