Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First Word!

Last Wednesday, Robby's random babbling actually turned into a word! Our pediatrician said at his 6 month appointment that he would probably be saying some words soon and was actually surprised he wasn't already (I personally thought it was a little early, but what do I know?!). So what was his first word? "Da-Da"! Yes, not only does Robby look exactly like Tim, but he also said his name first, too! This mama's not getting any love! ;-) I have been trying to get it on video but I never know when he's going to say it and if he is saying it, he stops as soon as I start videoing! He also will say "Hi" and "Hey" but only when he wants to! Normally, he will just say "da-da da-da" over and over but in the video he's also jabbering. It's the best I could get! Also, he started the wrist thing that he does in one of the videos last week. He likes to move them like that. He'll pick up a toy and flick his wrist while he's holding it. I wonder if he might start waving in the next month or two.

YouTube Video

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Josh and Catie said...

I love it!!! His wrist thing is cute :) And I think his eyes look like you, can't wait for our boys to meet!