Saturday, August 6, 2011

Learning to Interact and a Few of My Favorite Things

I think having Robby stay in the nursery while we are at church is really helping him develop a sense of other children.  When we were eating on Sunday, I was holding him after I was done and he started jumping in my lap and making his excited noises.  I looked over my shoulder and he and another little boy (probably around 10 months) were "talking" and smiling back and forth!  It was so cute.  This went on for a while until the other family left.  Then yesterday, Robby and I had lunch with some friends.  As soon as he saw my friends almost 4 year old little girl, he started smiling and getting all excited.  Then once her 20 month old little boy and Robby were each in their highchairs, Robby started talking to him and getting all excited.  It's interesting to watch him interact with other children and babies.  He has interacted with adults since before he was a month old with laughing and smiling, but I never even thought about him not really interacting with kids.  What a fun aspect of him to watch grow!

I wanted to list some of my favorite things that we have right now.  I don't know how I would be making it without these things, and I know pretty much all of them weren't around when I was a baby.  My poor, poor mother!  :-)  These are in no particular order, just the order I thought of them!

1. The Bumbo
Robby started sitting in his Bumbo seat when he was about 6 weeks old.  It really helped him develop the strength and learn how to sit on his own.  I would use it when I was getting ready in the mornings.  I would put him in it and let him watch himself in the mirror.  He loves to sit in it in the kitchen while I'm making dinner.  He can see everything and be close to me, but still be "on his own".  We also use it when we feed him.  I don't want to get a traditional highchair.  Our dining table is counter height, so a highchair would be quite low.  Plus, as silly as it sounds, I haven't found one that would go with the look of our furniture.  So, once he no longer fits in this, we are just going to get one of those booster type seats that have the tray on them that attache to a regular dining chair.  But right now, this thing has been a life saver!

2. The Johnny Jump Up
I can't say enough great things about this!  Robby actually loves this more than his exersaucer now.  At first, he would just be in it and spin around checking everything out.  But now he jumps like crazy in it!  He will spend an hour at a time in and have a blast.  It's great for entertaining him as well as getting out his extra energy.  This really helps when I need to get cleaning done or am in the shower.  I just hook it on to the bathroom door frame and he's set!

3. The Playtex Drop Ins

When we switched over to formula, I tried several different bottles but they all leaked when I would shake them up to mix them.  I finally had it when I was shaking a bottle in my car and formula went everywhere.  I was hesitant to start using them because it seemed like it would be an ongoing expense. But I have several coupons for the liners and since they come in 100 count boxes and Robby only takes 3 bottles a day, it actually works out to be about $5.50 a month for the liners.  I lucked out and the BX had clearanced all the bottles when I first started using them, so I was able to get them for $2 each!  The reason I love these is you only have to clean the nipple (and maybe the ring if any formula gets on it).  I have extra nipples, so I only end up washing them every 3 days or so and it takes no time at all!  We are planning on having him start taking his formula from a sippy cup at around 10 months, so we only have about 3 months or so of using these, but we love them!  Speaking of sippy cup...

4. The Playtex First Sipster

Robby drinks water or watered down apple juice from a sippy cup and this one is great!  He loves it and can get the drink out fairly easily.  It's made for the liquid to come out easily, so I have to make sure it doesn't sit upside down in my diaper bag or anything.  The handles are great because it's easy for him to hold on to and he also likes to chew on the mouthpiece while he's teething since it's usually right out of the refrigerator and cold.  This was the first one we tried and it seems to be a winner.  He looks like such a big boy drinking from it!

5.  The Boon Spoons

There are two different types and I have both and love both!  The first are the attachment spoons.  They are advertised for the Plum Organics baby food BUT they fit all brands of baby food in the pouches.  Extremely handy.  I don't just use them when we are out, but at home as well.  You only dirty on little thing that takes less than 30 seconds to clean!  Extremely handy and I love it!  Now, if we are out and about and I have a different time of baby food (or if I have the pouches but for some reason forgot the little spoon attachments) I use the food dispensing spoon.  I just scoop the food into it, snap it together, squeeze and feed.  These are absolutely lifesavers when we are in the car.  I'm not having to worry about scooping food out and food dripping off the bottom of the spoon onto somewhere in the car.  And Robby tends to take more in and not get as much all over his face when I use either of these.

6. The Ring Stacker
I had one of these growing up and when I saw it in the store several weeks ago I was actually disappointed in myself for not getting it for Robby sooner!  He loves it!  As soon as I put it down in front of him, he takes the rings off, claps them together, sucks on them, puts them on his wrists, and plays with the base.  This is a tried and true toy that every baby needs!  And since Robby doesn't have many toys (by our choice) I'm glad he likes this one.

7. Vulli Teethers

As soon as we thought Robby was teething, I purchased his first Sophie the Giraffe.  He never wants to put it down and it definitely lives up to its hype.  He can chew on all the feet and legs, the head, and the body.  Sometimes he just holds it and squeezes it.  I was looking into getting him another one because we have made it out of the house several times without Sophie, so I wanted one at home and in the diaper bag.  When I was getting the second one, I found the gnons.  We have the blue one.  Robby loves the little nub on top of its head, as well as its different shape.  Both of these are great teethers and just great toys.

It seems odd to stop at 7 but that's all I can think of that Robby (and I) just can't live without right now!

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Catie said...

I might have to get a few of those things for Gus! Great ideas :)