Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh Boy!

We have a crawler on our hands!  He's actually been army crawling for about a month and a half or so, but he is very efficient with it now.  By "efficient", I mean he can get places and into things very quickly.  Before we know it, he's at the power cords or pulling dvds off the tv cart!  I purchased some things to help us baby proof the living room, which is the only place I really put him on the ground.  I will start working on that tonight after he goes to bed and we have a new entertainment center picked out, we just have to get it.  I think Tim is going to get it and put it all together this weekend while we're gone.  It has doors on it so everything can be closed up and he can't get to things.  Anyway, I haven't been able to get any videos of him crawling because AS SOON as I turn on the camera, he stops!  So this afternoon, I set up the camera on my laptop and got a few videos of him.  The best one I got was when I put it right in front of him and he could see himself.  He crawled right to it!  I love towards the end of the video when I keep moving the computer.  He looks like "Mom, I know what you're doing!"  Unfortunately, since it's straight on you can't actually see the act of crawling, only that he's moving.

I don't know why the last video is going really fast.  I will work on it and try to correct it.

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Catie said...

I love it!!! Yay Robby!