Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

This year, Tim's parents and sister came up to spend Christmas with us.  I was so glad Tim was able to take off Christmas Eve and he was off the entire weekend - not a single page!!  That doesn't even happen on a normal weekend, much less a holiday weekend!  It was a nice time.  I warned everyone ahead of time I wasn't planning on the meals I was going to cook because I didn't want to wear myself out (I was so proud of myself!), so we went out to eat most meals except on Christmas day and Sunday night.  Tim pretty much took care of Christmas dinner and my sister-in-law made dinner Sunday night.  I did make pies, but that wasn't a big deal!

Here are a few pictures from this weekend.  We didn't end up taking very many.  I will have to try to get some from my in-laws because I think they were taking more pictures than we were!

We opened a few presents early (it wouldn't be one of our Christmases if we didn't!).  This is my father-in-law opening the watch we got him.
 My mother-in-law also was able to open her gift from us early.  It was a Talbots gift card so she actually was able to go shopping on Friday and all those white boxes are what she got!
Leo could smell his stocking and he was ready to dig into it!
 Luke thought Annie was a great pillow!
 Christmas dinner!  Tim did a wonderful job!  (Here is my puffy face I was talking about in the earlier post!)
Yummy ham!

We had a wonderful Christmas and are excited about what the next month has in store for us!

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Josh and Catie said...

Good plan not to cook!! We have to take it easy while we can, so glad you had a good Christmas!