Monday, December 6, 2010

33 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 33 weeks
Size of Baby: 19-22 inches long and about 4.9 lbs, about the size of a pineapple
Maternity Clothes: yes, but still able to squeeze into some regular tops and lounge pants.  Tim's clothes are much more comfortable though!
Gender: precious boy!
Movement: Still lots of movement, but it's more big movements rather than the small kicks and punches I was feeling.  He will slowly roll across my belly or just stick his foot out for a while!  It's so fun to experience!!
Sleep: I am beginning to have some issues with sleep, only because I can't get very comfortable.  Either my back or my stomach hurts no matter how I lay.  So last night I just got up and went to the couch for a little while, then got some stuff done around the house.
Symptoms: I'm extremely tired.  Last week I was taking about 3 naps a day, but the past few days I've been able to just take one or so.  
Food Cravings/Aversions: anything!  
What I am Looking Forward To: Hopefully tomorrow if Tim gets off early we are going to go tour the hospital where we will deliver.  This Saturday, Catie and I are taking a breastfeeding class together.  The dads-to-be were going to take the "Daddy Bootcamp" class also but Tim had to work.  We got some things done in the nursery yesterday so it's a bit more organized and ready for Robby.  If any of you have some tips or last minute things we should be sure to do or have before he gets here, please let me know!  I keep thinking there has to be somethings we are missing, but can't really think of anything in particular!


Josh and Catie said...

I looking forward to our class together!!

Jamie said...

Which hospital are you delivering at?

Aunt Mandy said...

You're so precious. I love you!