Thursday, October 14, 2010


Last weekend, we headed up to Northwest Arkansas for the JBU homecoming.  We didn't end up doing anything homecoming related on the campus, but we were able to see and spend time with great friends.  It's been pretty tough on both of us the past couple of months because we don't have any friends in town, so it was really nice to see people we love to be around. Here are some pictures from our weekend, ironically, none with our friends!

Headed out on Brutus's first road trip
Annie wondering why she has been banished to the backseat
In front of the Cathedral where we were married
At the tree where Tim proposed
Tim's old dorm.  It still smells the same!

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Julie said...

I love that you commented on the smell in J. Alvin. It's true, right? It just smells BAD!