Friday, August 6, 2010

Thankful Thursday (on Friday!)

I'm sorry, I was busy yesterday and didn't have the chance to post my "Thankful Thursday" entry! So here it is, a day late.

4. Tim's job
I don't have a picture of the pharmacy where he is working, but I am so grateful that God provided this opportunity for him. He had actually been offered to become the pharmacist and later buy the pharmacy from the man who currently owns it during his last year in school. But both of us were hesitant for a few reasons. We had already pursued and prayed about joining the military and truly believed that was where God was leading us. Also, Borger is a small town. While there are some cute shops and nice people there, we really want our children to be raised in a larger place. We also feel strongly about our children attending a Christian school, which is unavailable there. Another drawback was that although it would have been a financially lucrative decision, the time Tim would have to spend at the pharmacy and the stress that would go along with owning a business is not what we wanted for our family. BUT, it has been a great job for Tim to work temporarily. He loves all the different things he gets to do besides just "counting pills", like when he worked at CVS. When we found out we wouldn't be moving to San Antonio this June, everything just fell into place for Tim to work there until he leaves for officer training.

5. Our little Weiglet

Although this little stinker was a surprise, we could not be more thankful for him or her. I can't express to y'all how shocked I was when I found out we had a little one on the way, but ever since that day, my thoughts and plans for the future have completely changed. It's no longer about the two of us but the three of us! And I love that change!

6. Our marriage
This is not a repeat of #1 from last week, although it wouldn't be possible without him! But I'm specifically thankful for how God has grown and changed our relationship over the last 4 years. I'm also thankful for the way it has stayed the same. You see some couples who have been married for several years and they are practically just roommates. I'm so glad that we still treat each other the same way we did when we were dating and first married. Tim and I have both been told recently "It sounds like you've been married for just 6 months". I take that as a huge compliment and hope we can keep that up even after we add some kiddos in the mix!

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