Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Sorry to leave you all hanging after my last post! I was sick most of last week and we were out of town this past weekend, so I haven't updated. First of all, Happy November! I'm so glad Halloween is behind us, I can't stand that "holiday". And now, our neighbors have put away their haunted yard decorations, and I can enjoy the fall! Don't tell Tim, but I'm going to try to decorate for Christmas this weekend. Someone told me that it was ok to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, as long as you incorporate fall decorations with the Christmas. I can totally do that! I got some new ornaments that I have been lusting after since last November and I CANNOT WAIT to put them up. Y'all have no idea how giddy I get around this time of year. Maybe Sunday I will be posting pictures of our house all decorated!

After we found out about the Navy a few weeks ago, Tim contacted the Air Force. The reason he hadn't pursued the Air Force before is because we were told they did not offer loan repayment...boy were we wrong! Their reimbursement and pay plan is much better than the Navy and the person Tim talked to was very knowledgeable about the pharmacy specific things. So, Tim has submitted his application to the Air Force and we will see where everything goes from there. He is also looking into some one year residencies that he could possibly do. One is in the Temple, another in South Carolina (I think), and a couple in Tennessee. Also, he got an email from his Navy recruiter who told us they have decided to reinstate the loan repayment for pharmacists in 2010. So, we have several options now. Now that we know about the Air Force, though, it seems like the pay would be better there and Tim knows that he likes the job that he would be doing. If you think of us, just pray for God's guidance as some doors begin to open and opportunities arise.

This past weekend we were able to go to the UT/OSU game. Now, I grew up in Arkansas, so my blood is Razorback Red! It was hard to put a burnt orange shirt on Saturday! But it was so fun and all the fans we sat around were so friendly! I wish we were able to do that more often. I'll post some pictures later.

I hope everyone is doing well!

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Kristal said...

I'm so happy to hear about your prospects!! I'll continue to keep y'all in my prayers!