Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Thanksmas!

So, I did it! I put up our tree and decorated it and put out all of our Thanksgiving decorations. The only thing Christmas that I have out right now is the tree and my "Christmas" dishes. They aren't actually Christmas dishes, as you will see below, but I love them! Here are some pictures of what I put out so far.

Our front door

Pumpkins and pumpkin candle on the side table.
More of the side table

Our mantle. I love my nativity, and I keep it out all year long. I think the birth of Jesus should be celebrated all year, not just for a month. This reminds me to do that.

Our console table in our dining room.

I got these dishes last year at Target the day after Christmas. They came in sets of 4 and were super cheap! I was so excited because I had been eyeing them the whole season. Well, when I was in Target a few days ago, I saw they have them back this year, so I'm going to get 2 more sets of each of the plates so I have 12 place settings (I have this dream of hosting all the family holidays once we move to a more desirable place and have a bigger house! So I have to have plenty!) I love the simplicity of them but they are still festive.

Our table, all set!

This is our tree with our new ornaments. I told Tim the ornaments were my Christmas present this year because I wanted them so badly. I love the red and lime green (I wish you could see them better. I might have to make a post later of each of the different ones up close). My garland definitely needs a little help! Tim will have to fix it! He had to fix all the ornaments I put on there!! Seems like I remember my mom telling me a story about how I would put all my ornaments on one limb of the tree and after I went to bed my mom would rearrange them all over the tree. I never knew the difference!

After Thanksgiving, I will put out the rest of my Christmas decor. I'm going to make my wreath for our door to match the tree with the garland and some little ornaments that go with the ones on the tree. Plus, we are going to put some of our favorite personal ornaments on the tree, too. My sister-in-law makes us ornaments each year and I love them! She is so talented and I look forward to what she is going to create every year. So I will put some more pictures up as I add things.

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AliciaG said...

It all looks very festive, Randi! You are quite the little decorator! Love seeing how it all looks through your blog since I will most likely never get to go out to visit you! Enjoy!