Saturday, August 8, 2009

One thing led to another...

Tim and I had to go up to my office today to get some things done. The doctor I work for has decided he wants to start using electronic prescriptions, so he needs a computer set up at his work station so he can access the program quickly in between patients. Tim set up the internet connection and got the computer fixed up for him. I should get the program up and running this week so next weekend we will add all the prescription info into it so it's quick and easy for the doctor to use. Also while we were up there, I took my portable shampooer/deep cleaner and cleaned all the chairs in the lobby. I swear, I don't think those cushions had been cleaned since the doctor bought them 30+ years ago. It was disgusting. When I poured out the dirty water, it was black. I couldn't see through it! Gross gross gross!

Anyways, when we got home, I thought since I had it out, I would clean our couch. So I pulled our couch out away from the wall and cleaned the cushions. That lead to me cleaning everything from behind the couch, which lead me to cleaning behind the recliner and the loveseat. Well, while I had all the furniture pulled away from their usual places, I decided to rearrange the furniture! I also ended up mopping all the floors...there is a downside to hardwood floors, you have to mop the entire house! But here are the pictures of our new living room.
We really like the fact that you can see the TV from any of the seating options (since our lives revolve around tv!), because before you could only see it from the big couch. We would have to move the loveseat over anytime we had company and we all wanted to watch a movie!

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mandy said...

Holy moly lady! I feel so unproductive. Well compared to you and also because I had to do homework/study all day. It's a miracle if I get anything done outside of class work. Sounds like you had a "Monica" day, eh?
Miss you lots!! How's precious Annie doing? I think about you guys a lot. Wish we lived closer to one another. Love you!